Hibiscus (__hibiscus) wrote,

Art: "To Put Asunder" (SPN, Gen)

samdean_otp's Mini-Bang time!

Title: To Put Asunder
Author: mistyzeo
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Gen
Summary: A post-S3 AU. Having failed to keep the hounds for coming from Dean and hating himself for it, Sam turns to classic literature to find another way to bring his brother back. It takes a few precious weeks, but eventually he tracks down the entrance to the Underworld: a staircase in a backwater bar. Sam's descent into the land of Hades in pursuit of his brother's soul is about as easy as the legends suggest. That is, unidirectional. Still, Sam knows the track record of the souls allowed to return, and he's determined to use Dean's status as a hero to his advantage. But he has to convince the sullen Summer Queen that they are worth something as a pair, and then he has to trust Dean to follow him home.

Click on the drawings to see them in full. You guys, this fic. It's wonderful and Winchester-y and it's an awesome combination of Greek mythology and Supernatural. I wish the show would do somethng like this. The first drawing is of Sam making his way down to the Underworld and the last is a hug between the brothers - possibly spoilery for the fic. But seriously, this fic. mistyzeo did such a great job in writing this. ♥
Tags: fanart, fanart: spn, pairing: sam/dean, supernatural
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