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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears


i'm not street

but i do what i gotta do

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Art: Regulus (G)
HP - blockhead!Harry
Title: R.A.B.
Characters: Regulus Black
Rating: G

This was done as a (very late) pinch-hit for vividescent and hp_art_xchange. He turned out far more orange and gold than I intended, but I think it works out. :D Even though he was a Slytherin, giving Voldemort the old switcheroo with the locket was a very brave and Gryffindor thing to do. So, the colour scheme is fine.

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OMG I LOVE HIM! I love his scarf, his nose, his hands, the medallion! GOD! *dies*

:D :D : D Thank you! I wanted to make him greenish and silvery because of the whole Slythin thing but the orange works so much better.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! :D I want to use this font for everything!

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♥ ♥ ♥ But bb, YOU are amazing! I can't wait to see your finished piece!!!

(Deleted comment)

ooooh, so much love!! Also, I think the gold scheme works because he was very much the 'golden boy' of the Black family, you know? Sirius was the black sheep. But it also makes him look holy, which I love :D

all around, much love!

Lololol, I like your explanation! :D Thanks!

I love the colors and his pose and broody expression. :D

You blow me away with your art. This is beautiful.

(Deleted comment)
Oooh, thank you! :D I absolutely *love* Regulus and he looks fabulous here! So gorgeous! I love his hair and the lovely scarf and that locket, wow!

Thanks! I'm glad you like him and I apologize it took so long for you to get your giftart. Hopefully that won't put you off participating in the hp_art_xchange in the future. ♥

Oh my goodness, he's lovely. :)
And the colors are fabulous! :)

Your artwork is always sooooo lovely!!!! I too, love love the color scheme, it reminds me of a fall day with golden sunlight!

He looks good and the golden colors suit him fine. :)

Aw! Regulus! I kinda love him!

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