Hibiscus (__hibiscus) wrote,

hello new friends and fest things

Tell me about yourself!

I really should have done this before, but hello new friends! :D :D :D Comment with one random thing (big, small, strange, exciting, mundane - anything!) about yourself and I shall do the same. Let us share with each other, bb! I'll start - I always double-cup when I buy coffee and I save the unused cup "for later". Therefore I now have a stack of cups at my disposal → photographic evidence.

Bullet-y things!

Fest stuff update!

The mods for hd_bigbang were kind enough to give me an extension and I'm done one. I should be finished the other very soon and then it's time to work on drawings for bigbangbigbang, samdean_otp, hd_fanart's Art Fest, and hd_canon_fest because they are all DUE SOON OMG. *cue panic attack*

There are a lot of exclamation points in this entry. Also, I really need to be more creative when it comes to titling these things.
Tags: big bang, fest stuff, my flist is awesome, rl ramblings
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