Hibiscus (__hibiscus) wrote,

art rec and other stuff

Art rec! Butterflies by spoiled_sushi (Luna, G). The purples and blues are beautiful, the flowing butterflies are fantastic, and I love the pop of yellow from the flower on the right. Luna's pretty cute, too.

Some things:
  • Session 1 of hp_art_xchange ends April 30, 2011! All gift art should be posted to the community be then.

  • harryhetbigbang is still looking for authors and artists. Author sign-ups are here and artist sign-ups are here. Rules and timeline are here

  • Artist sign-ups for hd_bigbang end April 30, 2011. Sign up here to get in on the H/D action.

  • Claiming is still open for serpentinelion's Glompfest. Claim your prompt here. There are only a few prompts left so claim yours before it's gone.
Tags: fest stuff, recs: hp
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