Hibiscus (__hibiscus) wrote,

help_japan and art rec

help_japan auctions are done! Thanks to everyone who bid. ♥!!! You guys are wonderful and I love it that we as a collective group of fandomers can get together and fundraise for a good cause. I know that it's not a new idea and that there are other help communities out there. But this whole thing just makes my heart burst with such sparkly love for everyone.

This also makes my heart burst with art love: mayfly_78's Harry/Draco remix of Klimt's Water Serpents II Love love love the colours.

RRRoll Up the Rim update: Tim Hortons - 1 billion, Me - 3. I won a donut this morning. YESSS. I theorize that a good portion of the winning tabs are in out of the way places like Athabasca, Alberta. Totally not cool because it's almost summer and I need to win a barbecue. I could just go out and get one, but where's the fun and excitement in that?
Tags: help japan, recs: hp, rl ramblings
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