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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears


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SPN Big Bang art time!
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
The fic that I illustrated was Paint A Smile (Only I can See), a Jared/Jensen story by audeamus22. The author and I are in different time zones so I'll link the fic when it becomes available.

EDIT: Paint A Smile (Only I Can See) by Audeamus22

Summary: Jared's only had one person to lean on for nearly his whole life, his best friend Christian Kane. But when another man enters Jared's life things start to change. He starts to learn that not everyone is out to get him. Age not specified but Jared and Chris are their final year at high school, it’s Jensen’s first year as a doctor, Steve’s a bit older still.

Not being much of a reader/writer/reviewer, all I can say is that I really liked it. ♥ For the art, I drew two things from the story and I made a cover for it. My apologies for my not so top-notch graphic making skillz.

Paint A Smile (Only I Can See)

Jared and Jensen


The drawn art is a spoilery for the fic so I won't go into detail about them. You'll just have to read the story. :)

Credits → The photo of Jared is from http://jared-padalecki.net/, doctor!Jensen is my own creation and the random pictures of Steve, Chris, Jared & Jensen and the paint palette are from Google images.

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I squeed when I saw that someone on my F-List had made SPN/J2 Big Bang art. And you did awesome bb! I especially love the drawings - *rawr*

These are so lovely! Your colors are so vibrant, and your linework is so graceful as usual. :)))

(Deleted comment)
I really really like the park bench scene! The shading and the boys!!!! Awesome job!

Gorgeous! I love your style, particularly on the drawing of the two boys together :)

(Art Geek Question: Did you do the linework with pen and scan it in, or is it all digital? If so, how did you get such gorgeous linework digitally?)

Thank you! :D

I did the linework with pen/marker and then scanned it. I can't do linework digitally! I totally fail at it.

These are amazing.
They truly fit with the story!




These are great, thank you so much for it!

Thank you! :D Your fic was truly inspirational. Thanks for writing it!

I'm going to say: I love their hair. XD Sorry, its just something I always love to see, because sometimes its so overlooked. Whenever I paint, I can get way too giddy about having made some damn fine hair, haha. So I wanted to share my appreciation of the boys' hair, here. <3 Dorky, but true. Absolutely love all of it. Awesome job. ;D

Oh, working my way through the big bangs and the art for this has gone down : ( Any chance of reposting it?

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