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TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears


i'm not street

but i do what i gotta do

requisite schticky post
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
HIBISCUS | lj, website
GINARAF | tumblr, twitter
HIBIESQUE | deviantart, dreamwidth

This journal is not as active as it used to be, both in entry and art content. Sorry. However, I still do check my flist because I can't seem to stay away from you all. ♥ Feel free to contact me via email at gina@hibi-esque.com or through tumblr.

Knock knock...
HP - blockhead!Harry
Is this thing on?


sorta an update?
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
Am getting started on those fandomaid pieces. It's been slow going because my grandma's in the hospital but it's still going.

Also, I don't think I'm going to renew my website hosting next year since I don't draw as much as I used to. Kinda sad actually, since it would have been 10 years this coming January since I first got the site up and running. I'm going to upload my art to tumblr and just keep it there. I'm not putting everything there, just some of the more recent drawings lol. In case anyone is interested: hibiesque @ tumblr.

fandomaid for typhoon haijan
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
My offer entry is here.

Am offering $15.00 for each piece of fanart (up to 5) for the following: Harry Potter (Harry/Draco, Harry/Ron, Snape/Harry), Teen Wolf (Sterek ♥), Thor (Thor/Loki), XMFC (Charles/Erik), The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon/Penny), or gen.

fandom charity thing for the philippines?
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
*wipes away dust and cobwebs*

Uh, hello, hello.

Does anyone know if there's some sort of charity fandom aid/help thing going on or being organized for the Philippines? Or even something for the countries hit by Typhoon Haijan? I've tried perusing my flist but haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet.

prompting time at hd_fanart
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
Leave your prompts over at hd_fanart!!

I couldn't decide what I wanted so I left two prompts. :D

h/d fanarts and epic cheese of the teen wolf variety
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
UPCOMING! hd_fanart's Art Fest! I am excite. :D Prompts can be left starting July 1st.

Also, I'm sure you guys have already seen this: Sticky Fingers by Anon over at hd_smoochfest. OMG, I don't even know. I am so in love with the way this was drawn. It's so perfect in its simplicity and I love love love the uneven lines and the squiggly edges and the shading and just, everything about it.

It's been almost a week and I'm still not over the ending of last week's Teen Wolf. I mean, WHAT.Collapse )

jfc, has it really been 5 months?
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears

I can't believe the last time I posted, or actually even really logged on to LJ, was over 5 months ago. If it wasn't for teapostal (♥) giving me a bit of a nudge, I probably would have let another 5 months go.

Why does LJ look like this now!? Sooo many changes, so much to catch up on!

Things that have happened to me so far this year:

  • Got a new job. New Job is doing really well and I love everyone. It's so nice to work with fun people again. It also helps that I'm actually excited to go to work and it's busy and I'm not slowly dying inside.

  • Friends are trying to to get me to run a 10k. LOL WHAT. How did they get the impression that I can run 10k?

  • Bought Season 1 of Teen Wolf because I ran out of things to watch. I am now hooked. HOOKED. I can't decide if I want Tyler Hoechlin to a) never wear a shirt again in the show, or b) always wear low-slung jeans, a tight white shirt, and his sexy as fuck leather jacket while driving around in his car like a hoodlum.

  • I've been making my way steadily through all the Stiles/Derek Teen Wolf fics I can get my grubby little hands on. Share your faves, bbs. Sharing is caring.</i>


art feeeeest
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
hd_fanart's Art Fest reveals are up!

Title: One Night Only
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG13, warnings for cross-dressing
Link: To the art at the comm! Also on tumblr!

The above was based on a prompt by mayfly_78 and I was unable to resist the combination of Draco + burlesque + peacock feathers!

My prompt was picked up and drawn ohso beautifully by amethystlunaAwaiting Ragnarok. It's so soft and quiet and pretty. I really like the composition of it, how Harry and Draco are wrapped around one another and off to the side and we can see a bit of the background with the stone arch and the bed behind them. The texture is nice, too. ♥____♥

Oh I love art fests because it gives me so many new artists to fangirl over! :D :D :D

On a slightly different note, my holiday cards may be a little late in going out this year. Work's been busy and I've also been distracted by trying to find a new job and then getting a new job that I haven't really had much time. But they will get mailed! Leave your name and address here if you'd like a card!

Also, what's with the new posting thing, LJ?

TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
So what happens when I don't log into LJ for almost 2 weeks? MY HD HOLS FIC GETS POSTED.

And it is absolutely PERFECT. ♥_______________♥ It's all of my favourite things mashed together and typed up in one cute, glorious, and wonderfully written fic.

Tick Tock (Harry/Draco) Draco Malfoy is in serious danger of becoming an old maid.

I am seriously just sitting here and smiling at nothing like a loser because this fic is just so good.

fic rec and cards
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
Belated Happy Thanksgiving all you American folk on my flist! You better get out there and go Black Friday shopping to fight off that turkey coma.

xmenbigbang claims have come and gone. There were only 22 fics and were all claimed before I got a chance to look around. Boo-urns. But that's okay because the fic/art collabs will probably be really fantastic.

Quick fic rec!

My Brother Has Many Lovers by metallic_sweet (Thor/Loki, 3,679 words)

When Thor and Loki first ventured to Midgard, Loki made Thor a cloak of shadows to allow the mortals to gaze upon him without being blinded. It's only years later when the cloak frays that Thor realizes that, perhaps, he's the one who's been blind all along.

Ugh. I love me some Thor/Loki angst. Throw in some doubt and hints of angry sex and a bit of jealousy, I'm a happy (sad?) camper. I really like the last line because it could mean a number of things

Also, don't forget to leave your address here if you'd like to receive a holiday card from me!

holiday cards, art fest, tumblr
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
Hey guys! Don't forget to leave your address here if you want a Christmas card from me. Old friends, new friends, everyone!

Also, have you checked out hd_fanart's Art Fest? :D :D :D

I was going through my tumblr and I realized that I have yet to cross-post a good chunk of my fanart. I think I may do that for the more recent ones. So if you follow me, pardon the fanart spam that may pop up in the next few days.

Art for "Inside Fighter" | drawn for marvel_bang
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
Title: Inside Fighter
Authors: undrscoredom2nd and vassalady
Arist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Loki/Steve Rogers
Summary: “I do believe I should start reevaluating you, Rogers.”

“Call me Steve,” Steve says. “Now, are you gonna teach me how to throw a punch or are we gonna have small talk all day?” This only widens Loki’s smile, although it is now less sardonic.

“I do believe I can understand why you often get into fights.” Steve bristles at this, throwing off his cap and then his coat, revealing that his shirtsleeves have already been folded until his elbows. He casts them both aside and stands in the center of the lot, beckoning him with a cock of his eyebrow.

“C’mon. Don’t go easy on me.”

Art now on tumblr!

Inside FighterCollapse )

Click on any of the above images to view a larger verson. This was drawn as a pinch-hit for marvel_bang and I am so glad for it. This fic was so sweet and I can't gush about it without giving much away so I guess you'll just have to read it. :D

Art for "We Are The Heavy Clouds" | marvel_bang
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
Title: We Are The Heavy Clouds @ AO3
Author: kiyala
Artist: __hibiscus
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Summary: Loki Laufeyson is a fashion designer who dreams of making it big. He's also one of those hipsters that you hate—the ones who loudly claim to hate mainstream bands while secretly loving them. Loki's favourite band The Thunder—led by Thor Odinson, love of Loki's life—go mainstream. Loki struggles to balance his genuine liking for Thor and the band with the fact that he feels like just another dumb fan.

Instead, Loki spends most of his time working on his clothes designs and drinking with his best friend and favourite model, Amora. But when Loki finally makes it big and begins to design clothes for none other than billionaire playboy Tony Stark, his dreams seem like they're coming true. Little does he know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We Are The Heavy CloudsCollapse )

Now on tumblr!

Click on any of the above images to view a larger version. This was done for marvel_bang and for kiyala's fantastic fic. I love me some AU Thor/Loki and this one is just perfect. Thor is a dreamy rock star and Loki does what he wants.

holiday cards 2012
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears


Alright friends! New friends, old friends, everyone! it's that time of year again!

A few people on my flist already have their card posts up and since the early bird gets her cards out on time, I thought it would be best if I get my card post up too.

Ye olde instructions:

1. Leave you name and mailing address (as it should be written on the envelope) in a comment below.
2. Pick one (or two, or three, or all): Harry Potter, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Avengers, XMFC

Comments are screened.