Back at work

Been home for a week,had to visit the ER for a kidney stone attack (my first). Two hr. of relentless pain before the painkillers kicked in,then followed 6 hr's of surreal hospital stoner before I got discharged. Still not pain free, so I've not been writing much, around 1000 words last week and we'll see what the total will be this week.
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It's been a mounth

only 200 words this weekend, the nice weather taking its toll.
2400 words this week and the grand total after a month is 7933.
This is going to take forever, so I think I'll only update ones
a week from now on.
Me and Ida had a good drumming session on Saturday staying out
in the woods until 4 am. So I spent most of the day in bed ;-P
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Picture time

300 words today.
I figured it was time for pic's again.
Have no new photos of any value and I've no time to
scan any old, so here is on of my fav's Felicien Rops
Belgian 19th century.

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(no subject)

Did go directly to Morrowind when I got home so no
extra writing today, but still managed 400 words.
I'm a sucker for rpg. games if I get hooked, sort of
8/10 I play extensively for at least 2-3 weeks minimum
4-5 hr. a day.
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(no subject)

Monday and I felt a bit guilty not writing this weekend
so i didn't go strait for Morrowind when I got home, but
took an hr. to wright and with what I managed at work
at least got 550 words down.
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Slow weekend

Playing Morrowind and walking in the nice weather
so not much don in terms or writing, only 200 words
this weekend and only just over 1500 this week. But
it's not like the inspiration is running low, just
other things to do.
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working week over

Time flies, only 200 words today.
It's a nice indian summer here in Sweden so I don't
think I will write much this weekend, but you never know.
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(no subject)

Still happy about the print.
350 words today.
And no fun games on the market lately, have resorted
to playing Morrowind on the x-box.
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