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I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I will answer your questions in a reply.Then, I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

MC cophers rap haha It looks longer on paper.

Another day wakin' up in the Yoch
Gettin' up this mornin its 7'o'clock
Liftin weights, take a jog around the block.
Everyday just like the last
Except happieness slips farther into the past.
Trying to find peace of mind
in these crazy times
Trying to find something I lost long ago
turning up empty handed with nothing to show
They say its better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all
But is the time spent climbing really worth the fall?


The water swells
and drops to the floor

The blood spills
and still I beg for more

You are what I want
and you are what I need

I get pushed away
but on my knees I plead

I love you now
and I always will

I can drink too deep
and still not get my fill

Take your time
all that it takes

this decision
is your to make

Philosophy class from today a bit extended and probobly some dropped

"The Big Three" reliogions are all only about 3 thousand years old (the oldest is about three thosand) Budhism is something like about 3 to 4 and Hinduism (the oldest of the five big religions) is at the most about five thousand. The agricultural revolution happend about ten thousand years ago. Up until that point people were living in hunter/gathering groups. All of the big religions are life hating religions. The big three, you just live life to make god like you enough to let you into heaven, in the two eastern religions you live life over and over until you realize that you are just one with everything (in a nut shell) and then you are finished and that is what you want. The is the bad place. Heaven is up and away from the earth, while hell is in the earth the closer to the earth you are closer to satan and hell you are. Before the agricultural revolution people worshiped the things that they ate and gave them life (i.e. water shelter ect.) it wasnt until after the cultural revolution that we worshiped things that we cant see and started disliking where we are. In communities that dont know of the big three or the eastern two there are no jails no police and no mental hospitals. I think that it is weird that in our civilized world we need to have these things because the whole time we grow up we learn about how this place is so bad and how we should hate it and I think that all of this anger and negativity leads us to destroy, take, need, and go crazy over things that tribal peoples dont even worry about. They dont have them because they dont need them, they dont have them becasue they arent taught to need them


Its weird. The way that children are that is. They are so accepting of one another. As we grow older we seem to push people away. But when we are young we love interaction with others. Who you are as a child, many times shapes your future. Take myself for example. I was always very quiet. Very shy, shabby hair cut and afraid of girls. I was like this for as long as I can remember. All the way up to about 8th grade I had never kissed a girl. I was always shy. I even had the same shabby bowl cut that I had since I was about 6. I have been the same way my whole life. A lot of people think that they know me, but they dont. They know Copher, yeah its my name but it isnt really me. It is a mask that I put on in front of people. I am scared to death of rejection. I have a hard time talking to anyone except for those close to me. I dont know if I can really say that it is a fake me anymore though. It has been so long, not even I am sure what is me and what is Copher. Maybe it is someone inbetween the nervous dweeb and the gross outgoing dont give a damn person that I show. I am not sure. All I know is that when I am alone I am much different than how anyone else really knows me. There are a few that really know me, but the list is small. I hope that who I am isnt just a big sham. I would feel bad for lieing to everyone that I care about. Maybe everyone is like this, mabye I am just crazy. I think that everyone must and a person inside that they dont really show to anyone else. I was always afraid of rejection, so I just made up this character. Portrayed my self to be him. And lived life through his eyes, but it has been so long now who is to say that he isnt me and I am not really him. We could be the same person couldnt we. I hope that I am not alone in feeling this way. But I know that we must be two differnt things, or that there is soemthing else different in me. Because I can have a conversation with my self. I have conflicting beliefs. I love to learn and to read, but I hate to study and I love to play video games. I love girls, but I am scared to death of them. Am I me or am I copher, or are we the same? Is there someone else. I feel like this guy in a movie I once saw. He killed a bunch of people, but in his head it was all a movie that he was watch and he was everyone in the movie, I dont know if he really did kill all of those people or if he had made all of it up in his head, But I feel like I can do that, I can get lost in my head for hours just thinking. Laying some where between wake and sleep, consious and awareness. Here and there, Me and Him. I am confused about life. Why I am here, am I here, what about you, are you really here or did I just make you up. All of you could just be a manifestation of my thoughts. All of your actions being played out in front or me or in me? through my will or yours or gods or someone elses?

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I am reading Catcher in the Rye. It puts me in the mood to talk like all of the acting kids. Maybe that is where they got the voice. It also makes me want to write. But I think that if I write it will end up sounding like either Catcher or Perks. They arent bad books, they have a distinctive style of writing and anything that I will write will probobly sound like them. Just like when I try and write a song as I am lisnening to music. If I end up writing I will post it later.