[[christopher]] (__hardcore) wrote,

Rollin' wit crew from the Yoch Town
Bumpin the shit
Lettin' um hear the sound

Rollin' to your girlies house
this shit is through
Your girl's lookin good
where the fuck is you

The kids from Antioch know how to play
Drinkin' all night
Sleepin all day

When the sun goes down
these kids get fucked
when we role through
Ya'll better duck

Your girla fly
but mine is thicka
One girls fine
but with two I bust quicka

Peace goes up
An' A*town knows wuts down
Punker white boy
is spittin this sound

When this shit drops
gunna hit the floor
Sellin so much
Gotta open a store

Sittin at party
sippin on a Vega
when this hits
gunna be bigger than lou begga

1 girl
2 girl
3 girl
Me and big E just lookin for more
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