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Is it true what I heard about the son of god
Did he come to save did
he come at all
and if I dried his feet
with my dirty hair
Would he make me clean again
They say they dont know when but a day is going to come
when there wont be a moon and there wont be a sun
it will just go black it will just go back to the way it was before
I know a lovley girl with such pretty pride
and every man wanted and yet so did I
and so did I
But she up and died
In a fit of Vanity
Now men with purple hearts carry silver guns and they'll kill a man for waht his faters done
but what my father did
it dont mean shit
And you think I need some disapline
well I have my share
now I've been sent to my room
I've been sat in a chair
I held my tounge
I didnt plug my ears
I got a good talking to
AndI dont know why but I still try to smile
When they talk to me like I'm just a child
well I'm not a child
No im much
younger than that
But now I've read some books
and I've grown quite brave
If I could just speak I think I would say
that there is no truth
that there is only you
and what you make the truth
so i'll just sing my songs
and i'll pass a hat
And then i'll leave your town and I wont look back
No I dont look back
Because the road is clear
And laid out inhead of me
now i'll get home
I'll meet my friends at our favoirte bar
we'll gegt some lighter heads for our heavy hearts
And w'll share a drink
Yeah we'll share our fears
and they wiull know how I love them
They will know how I love
THey will know how i love them
I am nothing with out their love.....

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Ill try again tomarrow
Maybe you'll feel better then
Maybe we'll be better then
Whats one more night
When I cant stand these nights of thoughts of going on without you?
This mood of yours is temorary
It seems worth the wait to see a smile on your face again...

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Rollin' wit crew from the Yoch Town
Bumpin the shit
Lettin' um hear the sound

Rollin' to your girlies house
this shit is through
Your girl's lookin good
where the fuck is you

The kids from Antioch know how to play
Drinkin' all night
Sleepin all day

When the sun goes down
these kids get fucked
when we role through
Ya'll better duck

Your girla fly
but mine is thicka
One girls fine
but with two I bust quicka

Peace goes up
An' A*town knows wuts down
Punker white boy
is spittin this sound

When this shit drops
gunna hit the floor
Sellin so much
Gotta open a store

Sittin at party
sippin on a Vega
when this hits
gunna be bigger than lou begga

1 girl
2 girl
3 girl
Me and big E just lookin for more

Fuck the School System

The school system is a 12 step mind wash camp (Dead Prez). You spend the first major part of your life in school. They teach you to respect authority and do what ever you are told. Anytime you disagree with a teacher then can punish you. If you fight with a teacher you get sent to jail. You write a paper that they disagree with and they fail you. Even the teachers who would hapily teach the other side of things, they are stopped, fired, or scared out of their beliefs. Fuck School. Fuck the district. Fuck this City, State, This country. How do we spend 11 bilion dollars in a war that we dont have any reason to be in when we cant keep our schools funded. Why do we need a cop walking around campus? We are not terriorists, we are not looking to shoot up our school. What a fucking Police State we live in. In history class why dont we learn about how the CIA filled a Van with bombs, sat it out side of a Mosque and blew it up at the time when the most people would be hurt. How we set up Totalatarian goverments and arm their Armys. We funded Osama's group for years, we were giving Sadam Money and Wepons up until he turned on us. We had no problem arming him as he was gasing the Kurds. "He's a bastard, but atleast he's our bastard" (Colon Powell). Teach yourself, look for alternative sources of media. Stop being lied to and shielded from the truth.

A little help guys

Ok. I need a list. A big list. I need stupid stuff, gross stuff, and painful stuff. Cmon guys. A little help would be nice, I am looking for a list of about 50 things, they need to be good. Really hardcore stuff.


If I had to pick one word in all of the english language that I truely hated, it would be "grand". I hate that word. It is by far the worst word. I think that it is becasue it is so cliche to say it now. It is those damn acting kids. The ones that do the voice. They do the voice and say everything is so grand and it makes me want to kill myself.