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This journal is an outlet where I can post my random bursts of artistic inspiration. I icon everything. No really, everything. I'm a girly girl Harry Potter fan so that makes for a mix of Paris Hilton to Harry Potter. I use pictures all the time but my style is text! I loveeee text icons. You should too.
Text is sex.

I have a horrible obsession with the font Georgia. I love it bold, italicized, underlined, big, tiny. I love it lol. I like the simplicity of text, I don't know why. I use pictures too, but I love my text! I like clean icons, clutter is icky in my book.

I often use art from some of the brilliant strips of _hdcomic, which is totally worth the read! I also get some of my bases from basicbases and disappearicons. Much love to them! ♥

1. Credit! You know I'd do the same for you if you made the icons. Please, please, please credit __happenstance or oohlala unless otherwise noted. You can use them anywhere EXCEPT FOR XANGA as long as its credited "__happenstance @ LJ". I hate Xanga. With a passion. Don't go there.

2. Comment! I want to know what you're taking. Its good to see what works and what doesn't. I also love feedback and ideas of what I can icon next. I do this for you guys so I wanna know what you like! <3

3. Hotlinking! Please save and upload to your own server. Its not that hard. Hotlinking is for losers and no one likes a loser.

4. Stealing! Don't whore my icons out as your own. I can't help if it you totally suck and don't respect other's work, so don't bring yo' shit hurr. THOSE BE FIGHTIN' WORDS, MMMMMKAY?! Lol, don't make me get hyphie on your ass because I will. Ew. Just don't do it. Plskthnx.

I am Katie, oohlala. I'm 18 and a senior in high school. I mostly just play around with designing. I'm by no means anything great, I just like to be creative, It try lol. I love to do other stuff, but I have my personal journal for that. I love making new friends and making people smile. Yay for me.

No I will not make you an icon/layout/header/friends only banner. There are plenty of request communities for that. No I cannot help you with your layout, there is also plenty of communities for that. I occasionally do that sort of stuff for friends that I've known for a long time, so don't go and annoy me at my personal journal for crap like that. If I wanna make you something, I will. ♥

Contact Moi! (But really, why would you want to?)
Livejournal: oohlala
AIM: kt l0ves it
Email: kisses4katie@hotmail.com


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