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Your lungs have failed and they both stopped breathing. [entries|friends|calendar]
were just a matter of time, still getting older.

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Overrrridess for the journal. [Monday, Feb. 28 200512:55 PM]
Get your overrides here:

I don't mind if you change the colors, or do minor adjustments. Just a few things to take note of:

002- The header was made by sweetest at ___heiressicons
003- This is my old journal, turn tester for my layouts ...this is not in use by anyone else, and it was NOT my old layout.
004- Credit would be lovely =D

And the colors go like this:

pic under cutCollapse )
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[Monday, Jan. 3 20052:59 PM]
Hmm. There has not been much to update about. I really did nothing at all Sunday, except for reading and cleaning. I read The Bell Jar/Sylvia Plath for about an hour and I have about another half hour left I would say. I read some of my other books by Louise Rennison. And I honestly cannot wait too read THe three books I got by Philippa Gregory. I know I sound like a loser, but what can I say. I love to read. Oh, and I started Catch 22. It's difficult for me. Not so bad, but I don't get all of the themes in it. I need SparkNotes.

Today was eh. I was in a more bitchy mood than I normally am. But whatever. I don't mind an occasional comment from kids at my school like, "no one cares." But really, when I'm not talking to you or your just saying it it pisses me off. I could be paranoid. But then again, I don't care if I am. I'm also getting really tired of all this crap with the grade below us. With the exception of maybe like three or four kids, I can't stand them. They're all getting hormonal like our grade did last year at around this time, and most are just...and I hate using this word but immature. Hell, I know I'm far from being mature, and I'll be the first to admit it, too. But I can't stand the moronic little fights like, "oh you talked shit about me; you did that with her and not me," etc. etc. And just the attitudes I get. They think they're all big and shit but in reality it makes them look even more immature. Hell, that's why i don't go over or try to avoid going over there at lunch.
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[Saturday, Jan. 1 200511:53 PM]
[ mood | happy ]



FUNNY FUCKING SHIT. I recommend you look at it. Just started I can conclude, but go anyway.

K well weekend was cool. Friday I did something with Melissa can't remember. Er, that's not right. Melissa, what did we do again? OK, whatever. Then she went home and then I just went back and picked her up. We went to my parent's friends house for New Year's and whatnot. Melissa slept over. Then we woke up. And did other stuff. And then went out to Friday's. Then Melissa went home. I chilled at home. I was supposed to go to the movies, but I didn't. Boo-hoo. Today I've been cleaning a while. And maybe doing some crap again later. And that's my fantastic day.

yes, lets sex.

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[Saturday, Jan. 1 20053:07 PM]
Well, it's 2005. Let's recap over 2004.

It sucked.

The end.

Elvis has left the building...OH!, and I'd liked to thank an Ambassador Kwon. ;) (By the way, this as Melissa's doing that last statement, so you can all jeer at her while I sit back and relax while...eating popcorn? I don't know. Have a nice year.)
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[Thursday, Dec. 30 20048:48 PM]
IMMMMMM BACCKKKK. Thank heavans. I was about to rip my hair out. Although, there was a hockey team up there. ^_^
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[Sunday, Dec. 26 20041:25 AM]
Best X-mas, ever, really.

I got an iPod, a Dell computer for my room, and a crapload of money and other shit. Awesome. I'm going to New Hampshire 'till Thursday, so yeah, no updating or crap, and I don't have time now I'm exhasuted. Have a good break, and all that other crap. Happy Holidays.
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[Friday, Dec. 24 200411:42 PM]
Well, I went tot he mall with some people yesterday for a couple of hours, then went to Catherine's. Hm, I'm not even going to start to tell you about that night. It was...inexplainable. But, I will post pcitures once I steal them from someone, and whatever. And I went to Church today, and then dinner, and Susie's. I'm bored.
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[Thursday, Dec. 23 200412:09 PM]
Today has started off shitty. Supremely shitty. I was in an odd mood during the time spent in school. Melissa and I are leaving for the mall shortly. I'm gonna go get changed now.

This is the way I would have done things. Up against the wall, up against the wall. (up against the wall) It's you and me on a Monday, the lies that we told. This is where we both go numb now. You broke my heart again this time. You're fading now, you crossed the line. {right now we're just looking for the exit.}

[Wednesday, Dec. 22 20044:57 PM]
This update is for my lovely friends, I am going to die tonight. For tonight I venture out to Roosevelt Field mall, where I am going to be trampled by the Jewish people with their noses. If you Jews take offense to this, shove it up your ass, for I do not care. Yes, I know these two last statements make me be the largest hypocrite in the universe, but so be it. I don't mind all that much, I have my moments. So yes, I will die.
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[Tuesday, Dec. 21 20048:01 PM]
Well, I had the most dismal day. I had possesed great feelings of head pain all yesterday and a bit on Sunday night, but I quickly dismissed the fact of me having strep throat again. I mean, I just had my tonsils removed in the closing of September. But, I awoke today to feeling like a miniscule ball of nothingness, and I just went back to sleep, and miracle of all miracles, I was permitted to stay home. I was just like, "eh? That never happens...". I slept all day, and right now I am doing a piece of Science, and I decided to take a break. Gah. Anyway, earlier after I slept until 4:30, I went to the doctor's and endured an hour and a half of peering at an overweight child who kept crawling under her father's legs. They just keep getting younger and younger. Anyway, the strep came out negative, but it still might become positive, so there will be a chance of myself missing a second day of school. nevermind that. I prepared myself Ramen at home, ^_^. Heh, I'm just about completed with Science, I think I'll go back to sleep now.

Well look who's dying now, slit wristless sleeping with the girl next door. I always knew, you were such a sucker for that. It doens't matter what you say, you never mattered anyway. Stay in your sunny state.

You are beautiful because you are a sex
bombshell... grr.

What Makes You Beautiful In a Black & White World?
brought to you by Quizilla
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[Monday, Dec. 20 200410:00 PM]
Read This, It's Fucking Funny.

You Know You're From Long Island When...

You know someone who went to Chaminade.

Jones Beach Theater is the best place in the world to see a concert. CASE CLOSED!

Is it just me, or is every girl from Rockville Centre a bitch?

Billy Joel said it best, "Either you date a rich girl from the North Shore, or a cool girl from the South Shore."

What's the big deal about the Hamptons?

If you're not from Long Island or NYC, you're not really from New York.

You don't go to Manhattan, you go to "the City"

You know the Belt Parkway sucks!

You never, ever want to "change at Jamaica..."

You never realize you have an accent until you leave.
^^Haha, how true.

You know where at least one strip club is.

You can name at least three bands that came from Long Island.

You curse. A lot.

Is Huntington really that cool?

You've been to Utopia at least once.

The goddamn geese are everywhere!

If your parents didn't, your grandparents lived in the city.

At some point in your life you or someone you know has owned an animal that came from North Shore Animal League.

You actually remember when you felt safe swimming at Bar Beach and Hempstead Harbor.

You know someone that has been pregnant, has an STD, or is under the age of 15 and not a virgin. After all, Nassau County has the highest STD+pregnancy rate in the whole country. Take that Oildale. Haha.

Commack movie theatre scares you

You walk around the mall aimlessly.

You drive around your town with your friends, and that's the most exciting part of your evening.

On the weekend, your evening consists of seeing a movie, going bowling, or playing pool.

When you walk in the city and you see two men holding hands...it becomes normal to you.

No word ends in an ER, just an AH.

You feel like you know Howard Stern. LMAO!

You live in the shadow of the greatest city in the world, but you never go there.

When you're away from Long Island, you love it and when you're there, you don't.

You know that the beach sucks during the day and is the most magical place in the world at night

You know the exact point at which Queens turns into Nassau simply on intuition.

You're still waiting for a bridge to Connecticut.

You've tried to use your father's monthly ticket to ride the LIRR. It worked.

No matter what you do, you end up at the diner.

Your distant future might involve the state of Florida.

High school sports aren't that important.

You've never been to Times Square on New Year's Eve.

You've tried to find the Amityville Horror house.

Each one of your diverse friends mercilessly makes fun of his own background.

You love that salty smell of the ocean.

No, you don't want mustard on that burger!

The most exciting day of your summer is when all tickets to every Jones Beach show go on sale.

You know White Castle is terrible for you and the food sucks. But, you periodically "Get the Crave"

You want the Yankees to stay in the Bronx, but would probably go to more games if they moved to Manhattan.

You can order a pizza pie and a soda and people will understand.

You felt slighted when Snapple sold out.

You don't associate Fire Island with gay men.

You wanted Hooters to open simply to piss off "decency" groups.

You watched a game show and wondered, "why are these people so happy that they won a trip to New York?" So fucking true, haha.

You like The Brothers McMullen.

When you hear Billy Joel's "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant" you try to figure out what places on Long Island he's talking about.

You know that (and what)parts of the Godfather were filmed on LI.

You always liked Billy Joel, but as soon as you leave, you love Billy Joel.

At some point in your life, you've gone clamming.

You've been to the Tanger Outlets and came home with nothing to show for it.

You have or someone you know has fallen asleep on the LIRR and ended up in one of these three places; Babylon, Port Washington or Hicksville.

You have been to Mulcahay's on Thanksgiving Eve, the largest ladies night event of every year.

You've missed that "Drunk Train", the 2:42 out of Penn and had the dreaded wait until 5:30.

You think Islip MacArthur airport is cute and you enjoy watching it grow up.

Your parents took you to Nathans or Carvel

You hate the radio commercials for the Dublin Pub

Public beach? What's that? I loves me Tobay Beach. The joys of Private beaches<3

You can correctly pronouce places like Happauge, Commack, Islip, Islandia, Wantagh, Massapequa. LMAO! I live in Massapequa. It's true though, no once can pronounce them.

You know the location of 6 malls and a dozen McDonalds and 36 7-11's. HAHH.

You grew up thinking Chinese food was a basic food group.

You're used to driving down the street in December and seeing more light-up menorahs than you can shake a latka at. In fact, even your non-Jewish friends know what Matzoh is. And you've never driven more than 10 miles without seeing a temple.

Oh, your parents are from Brooklyn? So are mine!

Yes, admit it, you've cruised the Pike.

You can remember making up rules for “Shotgun” calls in high school.

Your elementary school promoted dodge ball as the top gym activity.

You were upset when all the Roy Rogers turned into Wendy’s.

You consider nachos and cheese at the Coliseum to be a suitable dinner date.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Long Island.
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[Monday, Dec. 20 20043:42 PM]
Well, today was kind of...tedious. School for some reason was boring as hell, I wanted to jump out the window and plunge to a most unfortunate death. However, my wish did not become reality. Which, in itself, is quite the depressing thing. Not the fact that I didn't die, but the fact that dreams can never become a reality, which makes me want to go play Dreaming A Reality. Ah, ok, now I'm just rambling on and on into something that will most probably never make complete sense to any person other than myself. Eh, the weather kept us inside all day as well. >_< It was irritating. It only snowed...an inch or two. It still snowed. And it's 14 degrees out, with wind chill it's -2 degrees. This is why I have a burning desire to move to California. I love winter, but temperature in the 30's is nice...-2 isn't. Most unforunate, but what are ya gonna do about it. Eh...I guess that's it.
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[Sunday, Dec. 19 200410:43 PM]
IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it is a great thing. I love the snow. In the beginning. After a while it gets to cold and dreary, and downright irritating. Hm, well, maybe it will give us a snow day. ^_^ I doubt it, but hey, one can dream, eh? Yeah. Well, I need to exchange almost all the clothing I got, as I got the wrong sizes. And I found this bag from Abercrombie that I want. ^_^ I want it. It is plaid-ish. I WANT ITTT.
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[Sunday, Dec. 19 20041:41 AM]
OK, so I'm at my Aunt+ Uncle's house right now, watching my little cousin. Who is damned adorable, I must say. We cooked her Ramen, and she was dancing to Bob The Builder...and fell asleep to Baby Mozart. She is damned adorable, and I will be showing you a picture of her [ that was taken a while ago ] wen I get home. Hm, and there's school tomorrw, and I don't get off `till Thursday. Shat.

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[Sunday, Dec. 19 20041:16 AM]
Ok last night was OK...went to le mall for...10 minutes to go see Ang, then went to Jillians. Hm...who was there...ok...erm...Allie, Ang, Kirsten, Jamie, Joey, Mike, Steve, Anthony, Brian, and...me. ABC order...wow aren't I fuckin' cool. OK, then I had swimming today, and hell I really need to practice more. 2 years without swimming is not a good combination. Whatever. I have some part of a Christmas thing tonight at my grandma's, so that is pretty cool...presents a week early...and I get to see some of my cousins. Yay. OK...there really is nothing else to say.
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[Friday, Dec. 17 20043:10 PM]
Last night:

Was the Christmas concert. That was uber fun. Sarcasm. OK...um the concert itself was OK I guess...it's over now at least...whatever. Jackie came, and I hope I made it clear that I was extremely angry at her. And if not, well then Jackie if you do see this, just screw off and don't speak with me anymore. Yeah. Whatever...I chilled with some cool kids and then headed home. Tina was being a complete dumbass right before we left, but it was pretty humourous I must say. Hm, yeah. I was in a pretty bad mood the rest of the night because 1) someone at the diner, 2) someone not from school. I read for a long while, which was really relieving...and that would be it for last night.


Had school. I was a complete wreck all day. I don't really feel like saying why, it was the same things as last night...but whatever. I need to talk to someone really badly but I think he dropped off the face of the earth. Yeah...that's it I guess. I hope tonight is better than last night?
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this is what i get for wanting more [Wednesday, Dec. 15 20049:36 PM]
Shat. Concert is tomorrow. I hate school concerts. They suck. A lot. Ok, anyway...um. School was whatever today. There isn't much to really say here. One thing, I can't believe I spelt Nativity wrong. I don't know what's been with myself lately, I really think Tina is rubbing off on me. Next thing you know, I'll be owning Louis Vuitton and wearing jeans that are too tight to sit down in. I hope that is not how I end up. A'yuh.
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[Tuesday, Dec. 14 20044:47 PM]
Hm, today was...really interesting. So had school, what else. After lunch was greatt...I swear I had a Tina Moment..I was like, "Can I try out for going to the bathroom???" Haha, it was great. Then we had that baby shower, and we got FOOD! It made my day.

1. Smoked?
2. Been Drunk as hell?
3. Screwed someone of the opposite sex?
4. Screwed someone of the same sex?
5. Shoplifted?
6. Lied?
7. Betrayed a friend?
8. Been to jail?
9. Smoked weed?
10. Done LSD?
11. Done any other illegal drug?
12. Given oral sex?
13. Received oral sex?
14. Screwed something not of the human race?
15. Screwed something not alive?
16. Cheated on someone?
17. Used someone?
18. Paid someone for sex?
19. Been paid for sex?
20. Played strip poker?
21. Skipped school?
22. Skipped school to get high/drunk?
23. Danced naked?
24. Danced naked in public?
25. Flashed someone?
26. Mooned someone?
27. Kissed someone?
28. Kissed someone of the same sex?
29. Held hands?
30. Hugged someone?
31. French kissed?
32. Had sexual fantasies?
33. Had gay/lesbian fantasies?
34. Stolen money?
35. Stolen money from family?
36. Stolen drugs from family?
37. Been convicted of a crime?
38. Dated someone because you heard they were 'easy'?
39. Had someone date you because they thought you
were 'easy'?
40. Been called a whore?
41. Been called a bitch?
42. watched porn?
43. Taped porn?
44. Watched porn you taped?
45. Kissed someone in a moving vehicle?
46. Screwed someone in a moving vehicle?
47. Used sex 'toys'?
48. Tried to kill yourself?
49. Tried to kill someone else?
50. Told someone you hated them?
51. Told someone you loved them and didn't mean it ?


I'm awesome.

Not really.
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[Monday, Dec. 13 20047:07 PM]
Well, hello.

Ok. I woke up at 6:14 AM this morning. I looked at the clock and was instantly reminded of the moose at 6:14. Hah. Ok, well then, school happened, and Samantha kept saying itchy, which was really cruel, seeing as how what it means, but I think only...four people know what it means. Good Lord, that was embarassing. Hm. Mrs. Coin really needs to shove a bloody tampon up her ass, she was being something similar to a Dictator. Detention for speaking in homeroom...what the hell? Yeah, so when I came home I had an awesome time. I took a shower, too. And hm, I think I'm going out now for a bit after dinner. And...yeah. I had a really boring day.

Oh, and a sidenote. Every kid in my town that think they are so cool and sXe and listen to hardcore music, and then say, "yeah I'm so metal and cool, I listen to Bleeding Through, Darkest Hour, and Throwdown." Do me a favor. Shove a gun up your ass.
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[Sunday, Dec. 12 200410:15 PM]
Soo. This weekend was shot to hell. I just stayed home all weekend. And I spent most of my weekend sleeping, which I suppose is a good thing. I did see some people, but yeah, I think we all know who. I downloaded about 65378653 CDs and songs, including this metal version of the three little pigs. I did a lot of contemplating and reading too. I haven't actually read more than five pages of a book in weeks. I missed it. It's also necessary of my incrediblely fast typing to type of my sister's Gym midterm and something on the Civil War. The Gym one is too long for my liking. I made my journal all bright and cheery, but it looks like some hardcore scenester's creation. I like it nontheless, which is odd, it's really bright. Ok, I also skipped swimming both days. I didn't feel like getting tortured by John, but I will next week for not coming at all this week. I really shouldn't agonize over this. Yeah...I think I shall go type all this up and catch some sleep, or I'll be exhausted tomorrow. Later foo's.

It's been raining for a straight week, and today was the first day of sunshine, althought it was 35 degrees. >_< Well, it's supposed to rain tonight and I think it has already. gnrkjgh. Why can't New York just be sunny and warm. It's always fuckin' raining, snowing, or cold.
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