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Rain Tutorial

Righteo. Tutorial time.
Not sure if there are tutorials out there for this, but I'm making one anyway.

Animated Rain
We're going to make this icon:

With this animation:

Icon Editing
Using Paint Shop Pro 8
Open Paint Shop Pro.
I started with this image from
I cropped it to my liking then resized it down to the standard 100x100 pixels:

Create two new raster layers.
Fill the first layer with this gradient, and put the opacity at 40,

and the second layer with this one and put the opacity to 75

Set both of the to the blend mode Color
Result being my favourite color combination:

Now create another new raster layer.
I'm going to use this border brush as a border:

Stamp in on your new layer in white, opacity 100, blend mode normal:

Merge your layers.

Now go up to:
>> Brightness and contrast
>>> Clarify
Set the strength of effect to 5, resulting in:

You can edit it more if you like, but I think it's fine now.
Click on the add text tool and add the text you like, where-ever, what-ever etc..
I put: Rain, size 7, italic, font: times new roman, colour: white
        on me, size 6, italic, font: times new roman, colour: white
Resulting in:

The text on the icon is too sharp for my liking, so we go up to..
>>>Gaussian Blur
Set the radius on 0.50, reuslting in a subtle softening:

Yay. Much better.
Now for the fun part.

Save your image as whatever. I prefer PNG, but neh.
Merge your layers. MERGE THEM!!!!!!

Rain Animation
Using Animation Shop 3 and Paint Shop Pro 8

Open up animation shop. Be prepared!!!!
Now. Go back into psp and we're going to make it rain.
Duplicate your image. The one you just merged.. duh!
Select the duplicated layer.
Go up to:
>>Add/Remove Noise
>>>Add Noise
Set the do-whackies to how I have set mine:

your icon should now look like this:

Funky. Or not.
Go up to:
>>>Motion Blur
and set your settings like mine :)

And your icon should now look.. like this!

Not bad, but not what we want.
Now. Dum de dah!
Set that layer to either: Hard light, Soft Light, Overlay, Screen etc, whatever takes your fancy. You could lower the opacity, depending on what effect you want (pouring, drizzle, etc). 
I chose to set it on Screen, opacity 100, for the pouring effect, resulting in:

nice and pastel..ish

Now, the rain dance!
Copy the merged image, and paste it as a new animation in Animimation Shop.
this is the complicated part, or it is for me...
Go back into psp and undo what you just did with the rain. If you can't, then just delete the layer you put the rain effect on.
Why the bajeebers did I do that?
Because this is how it rains!
Go back up to:
>>Add/Remove Noise
>>>Add Noise
Fiddle around with the amount of noise. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE!!
Lower the amount of noise by 10, or make it higher.. whatever you want really.
Repeat the Motion Blur:

Set it onto the same blend mode as your other rain image.

Copy the merged image and paste it as the next frame, after your other image in animation shop.
Depending on how much variation you want in the rain falling, you can repeat the steps ten or eleven times to get the right effect.
I only did it six times.
The frame lenght is only 0.1 of a second, or it looks all jerky.
Play the animation through to see if it works properly. I usually switch the frames around a bit before I save it.
When you're happy with your rain, save the animation.

I got this with screen :)

and this with my blend mode as overlay:

And you're done.
No dount I've missed something or made something all confusing and the pain!

Comment if you have any questions and I'll see what i can do to help

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