I'm such a slacker. Anyway, I bring icons. Because both LJ and Photobucket decided to go all.. weird and change..ish.. I'm posting differently. So... Anyway.. Contents
video games
2 x Final Fantasy
15 x Kingdom Hearts 2(opening) + COM
2 x Bleach
6 x Gravitation
Total: 25

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Credit and such. Oh, and see if you can pick which ones are newer XD
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Text in Photoshop

I have no idea why I'm doing this, or whether it's been done before. I'm also not sure how it will translate to earlier versions :(

But anyway!
I had a lot of trouble with text when I first started using photoshop, especially coming from paintshop pro.

Text in Photoshop CS 
- how can you incorperate it into your icons.
A tutorial/tips guide by __gunner
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Sorry for the big gap, I lost my internet connection for a good month or two. But I'm back, bigger and faster.

11 x Final Fantasy (X/X-2, Advent Children, VIII)
8 x Kingdom Hearts
Total - 19 icons
warning: profanity words XD
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brushes - Hemisphere

Just a small one ^^
Remember, I'm not a brush maker, lol.
Photoshop CS. You can use the preview image as an image pack ^^

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Lyrical brush set: Hemisphere - Maaya Sakamoto
Comment and credit if you use.
I made these for myself. I suppose you can use them XD

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I C O N S ! !

I think I'm about the laziest icon maker on LJ. Mwuhahaha. No, I've just been uber busy. But I made a few, so don't panic.
I don't like any of them, so don't pinch me to death if they aren't up to your standards ^^
10 x Final Fantasy (various)
4 x Kingdom Hearts
1 x Maaya Sakamoto
Image hosted by
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All of the layouts I've posted (or most of them) can be found in this post. The links will either take you to another post in __gunner, or to one of my posts in freelayouts
Click on preview for a link to where you can view the layout, and click go here to get the layout or whatever ^^
Also, you must be a member of freelayouts to view any of the layouts I've posted there. It is worth it. There are some talented layout makers that post there!
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I have more, I'll post them when I get the chance ^^
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Layout: FFVII:AC - Kadaj

Layout features Kadaj from Advent Children. Because we all love him, despite his evil..ness XD

Style: Generator.
Website: Required.
Custom Colors: Eh. Only for the links. under the cut ^^
Default Icon: Required.
Best view: 1024x800, most I suppose
Browser(s) Compatible: Mozilla. Might look a bit iffy in IE.
Credit: __gunner of course ;)

click for preview

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Enjoy. Comment for answers to any questions you may have, I'll do my best to help.
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For future reference:

I'm going to post my layouts here from now on. Makes it easier to log in and out and blah blah blah ^^

When posting my layouts I will be using this format. It's taken from freelayouts in which I also post my layouts. Go there. it rocks like nothing else can.

Style: this refers to which style you should set as your default eg: generator, disjointed, notepad. Most of mine are generator.
Website: most of my layouts require a website to be listed in your userinfo. If you have no idea: GO HERE
Custom Colors: colour theme, text ect.
Default Icon: this refers to whether your need a default icon in the layout, or if I'm giving you a matching icon ^^
Best view: the best resolution/s to view the layout
Browser(s) Compatible: browser compatibility. Some layouts aren't compatile with certain browsers :(
Credit: __gunner of course ;)

Preview will be here. Click the smaller picture for a larger one.

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Icon update: booyah.

Some of these are actually pretty old, so excuse the ickiness. See if you can tell the older ones from the newer ones ^^
19 x Final Fantasy (various)
4 x Kingdom Hearts (1&2)
1 x Random
Total: 24 icons

And there might be a few spoilers. Not that anyone cares ^^
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Mmmkay. Enjoy ^o^
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