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olie olie oxen freee's Journal

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22nd April 2007

5:21pm: this is the time where i usually put top ship of 07 but not.

14th February 2007

5:25pm: love is alot of things and today it involeves
cheesy romantic comedies lod ninty boy band love songs sweettarts and daisies. and knowing your friends and you are single for all of you who have valentines i hope you have a wonderful day but to anyone who is single embrace it

23rd November 2006

2:59pm: so rendezvous is something i count down till pack a week before and go over everything on thanksgiving this year i didnt pack till an hour ago i didnt count down and im not motivated enough to go over anything . this is most likely to be the rendezvous i most remeber and it will turn out amazing but a girl like me is only a wishful thinker. i mean we have scuttebutt down to a monute and sixteen and drill should be crazy good, for once i feel like were all preparred, taft has treated me well and i'v learned other things im good at besides scouting and sports i guess as we get older things change, you find out questions in life and expand. wellgood luck mystic yankee i will see you tommorow with our "a game"
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ninth grade rendezvous
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tenth grade rendezvous

11th grade rendezvous to come.
Current Mood: yeah its cold.

16th September 2006

11:33pm: so there was this grandma right...
I just wanted everyone to know that friends are the best thing in this world. Never get syrup on your keyoard, especially in the dark because it's a litttle sticky and we miss go-go with a burning passion, like last night. life is too short, so go for the bait and eat out a lot.
your concerned friend and fellow body dismorphiac,

2nd September 2006


This summer has been truely amazing I have done so many things i never thought i'd do and have had amazing friends this whole way, i have made some truely amazing friendships stronger than ever and i have meet crazy people along the way, 

+ night with karjo and our crazy missions.
+ hanging out with my other half and watching the worse movies ever..on purpose.
+ chillin on the West Side ( im finally allowed to call it that)
+ F$Uing with the boys
+ Emerald Bay & Manta included.
+ Frozen Yogurt,Taco Bell, Bj's and other resturants that have dealt with 10 of us or more.
+ The Valley for being the fucking grid
+ sailing with Renegade 
+ those late night phone calls
+ Third street & The Rings

+ being sixteen 
+ finding the love of long boards.
- getting burnt
- no summer love
-not working at e.b.

i guess i could say , it wasn't that bad.

24th April 2006



2nd April 2006

10:46am: my friends are amazing and everytime i see them they prove my point.

8th February 2006

8:52pm: there will be a day karlee that i will finish the big girl grill cheese okay ?

"nikki your pretty"- has to be the funniest line ever but then again there is "nikki boobs"
i always walk in at the wrong times or doing something incredibly stupid

10 things i will accomplish before i die:
*finish that grilled cheese
*drive a zambonie
*run across broadway NAKED
*join the peace core
*be happy with myself
*write a song
*go to santa fe(its turning into rent)
*stay close with my friends
*sail the world
*make the best cd in the world with 5 songs.
*die feeling complete

my talk with keri made me realize one thing i would be fine if i never got married. everyone is forced to grow up and be independent at least once in there lives having a family and a spouse just means that you have people that are forced to love you and you have to take care of. i dont think anyone should be forced to love. and plus im trying to be responsible for myself. it seems as life goes on people get more needy and immature . call me a hypocryte its probley true but. ill deal

the new jack johnson cd makes me feel like a little kid with huge dreams and still thinks the tooth fairy is real.

5th February 2006

the amazing pudding cups
my dinosauring
"are you a lumberjack"
making phone calls at 3 on the morning
the hikes
the secret garden
me always twisting the songs
"can ryan bring us pur food"
walking in to your cabin to find uer cool signs.
pasta bake and mine and gingys special playe
being veronica
being a twin
making notes.
rachel being the polerbear
dancing to josie and the pussycats,99red balloons and god knows
working on my RAWRRR
and most of all cabin 5s bonding.

5th November 2005

1:50pm: rendezvous is 20 days away. im so amped.

16th October 2005

6:09pm: happy birthda karleeee !

20th September 2005

7:32pm: i wish my friends went to school with me .were all spead out mystic yankee needs to be in one school can you imagine that fun thats what it would be. i hate school with a fiery passsion.

18th September 2005


party. in.underwear

it was taken last week but it just cracks me up.

this weekend was very mystical.beach clean up in newport and becky's it was a party i love my girls !


11th September 2005

10:52am: this is why mystic yankee is the best ...duh.
fitting four girls in underwear is about the funniest thing...EVER.

keri waking up going del mars the best socking me then laying down (all in her sleep)

danielle keri and i got these maternity dresses and made them look hott with a belt on our waists and cool purses.

gonig bowling was so funny but it turned out to be 63 dollars. who do bowling alleys think they are.

i miss jen because she is like 30000 miles away .its not the same :(

cooking was fun. yes i cooked amazing i know !

studying was long and wanted to sleep but it will all be worth it .

rummage sales are love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

** if anyone has the pictures send them to me por favor.
Current Mood: riing flattened bikes.

17th August 2005

1:12pm: new sn fools

smilee its NIKKI

21st July 2005

10:38pm: SUPRISE




27th June 2005

7:02am: so today is my birthday i really hate m y birhtdays but i guess this means on year closer to getting the hell away from california.
so now im 15 whats so great about it i dont know.
happy birhtday to me....
ill be in palm springs till wendsday
so call me
<3 nikki
Current Mood: yay..i guess

22nd June 2005

1:23pm: so this school year has been weird. lets leave it at that
i made some amazing new friends kept old onees dumped the uneeded ones and became a better person
i cant believe it went by so fast and now summer is here.
im excited for the years to come and i cant wait till next year
I ♥
Motel,Funky White boy,kit,skylerina,snuk,ms.jacoby,hannah banana,vladoid

you girls made fresman year awsome
i would also like to thank toni for putting up with me even though i was a ass to her ! :)

i will see you guys n summerschool

p.s. i hate the sun now i have to get use to it .

no eleanor and katrina are not dumped. they are still loved

18th June 2005

12:45pm: add us


4th June 2005

9:12am: two of my BEST FRIENDS

Current Mood: yes for you
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