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 Cha cha cha cha I feel good today. I feel like the Brooke Mal Jackii combo has reunited and stuff so thats off  the hook. So i believe im chyllen with them this weekend so thats off the hook. I miss them, so we'll probably have a time thats mad chyllenn.. YIPEEEE haha I Love You girls, NO more lyinggg =)

         P.S, Malizzle i wanna go to the abandoned insane institution it looks so scary haha =0
     Call me sometime mal and jackii i miss you guys at night when im sad..haha JK but really call..

          Arite im out PEACE haha


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The weekend is gunnah be off the hook..

Friday - Stephaniie i believe

Satueday - Jess? Amanda? And Alyssa?..i believe

Sunday - who knows? Sleeping in from a crazy weekend i Hope

Bye kids


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okay if your from Carmel, why leave is it nessacary to like go other places and stuff EVERY WEEKEND, nah i dont think so

Jessica Meyer Amanda Webber and Alyssa Rae.. we stick together straight up carmel girls.. iloveyous

Well this weekend will own all other weekends, i hope all of you are fucking ready its gunanh be insanee !

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okay so today was pretty crazy ... i found out some disturbing news, honetsly all i can say is thank god for jess meyer and steph rosen, i understand you couldnt tell me and why you lied steph its okay you can keep lying i still love you, your a good frind. and to everyone else who is making big mistakes with there lives i dont care, its your life your body your choices. I just wish you told me. i understand were not "bestfriends" anymore but my two "best friends" lied straight to my face looking in my eyes swearing on our friendship lied to me, but guess what im over it, if you dont need me i dont need you, i am so happy right now and i dont think anyone could ruin in, i understand that you guys lied, and you guys did something rong not ME, i dont care that u changed, change is for the good sometimes, and i just hate that our friendship changed that when im sitting with you sometimes at lunch you whisper and form cliques like theres a wall around me, it just makes me pisses off. I am not telling anyone even though you excpect me to, because you dont trust me and its okay, but im not gunnah go around telling people, cause i know it would hurt if i did that wihich i NEVER EVER EVER EVER have ever done that, and if i did i would tell you. whatever you should also tell your friends to stop yelling at me and saying SHIT cause it so fucking annoying. I love you girls to death, and i just have to something,.................



and if your just gunnah comment and be annoying when your not even involved ( you know who you are) please dont bother commenting woohoo!

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"To those of you who pushed me, thank you. Without you, I wouldn't have fallen. Those of you who laughed at me, thank you. Without you, I wouldn't have cried, To those of you who just couldn't love me, thank you, without you I wouldn't have known real love. To those of you who hurt my feelings, thank you, without you I wouldn't have felt the hurt, though those of you who left me lonely, thank you. Without you I wouldn't have discovered myself. but it is those of you who thought I couldn't do it, it is to you, I thank the most, because without you I wouldn't have tried"

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today i was mega Pisseddd i'm so mad because as everyone knows i love Dave Matthews band and today, my Brother and sister got to meet him, because my uncle tom works for David letterman and DAve matthews was on the show today i was so madd because my mom wouldnt let me take off from school argg..i would of loved to have gone, dave is absoultey amazing as everyone should know he is the best singer EVER,, rather than all this rap bull shit and the stuff that makes you wanna kill you self or someone else..well i cant really complain my big brother whom i loveee brought me back the NEW CD& to make it better it was autographed by boyd(the guitar player) and dave!!!! wow its amazing you have no idea..jessica you should really give him a chance i know you would adore his stuff, its quite spiffy i think haha
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hello again, how is everyone, im good =)
i know who my real friends are and i am content with the i love them and wanna thaank them for being the best friends someone could EVER ask for

JessIca- you are my best friend and i love you forever no matter what you are my sister my lovvee ane we will be best friends till where dead =) haa lol

Stephanie- i love you so much, best friends forever. we never fail to have a good time even if we sit on the couch doing nothing..even though we rarely do that haha =) "are you guys high" - daniel

JAckii and mal- i love you gurls no matter what happens we have ups and downs but youll always be my best friends
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