yo. i'm back.

back from west palm beach, baby. let's hope all you lj'ers missed my ass. if not i'll feel hurt. so i'm back in the ridge for easter then it's back to old scranton. party tonight. meet you there! oh and pictures, but not from west palm beach. those come later.

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    my chemical romance..you know the cool video song

happy st pats!

i hope everyone is wearing green..if not i will find you and pinch your ass ;) hahaha..i need to put up pictures from the st pats parade if i can get them to work with me..oh little erin called me at 5:00 this morning and was drunk as hell..wtf?? erin youre still just a senior in high school and you arent supposed to drink the night before st pats!! hahaha my hometown is filled with drunken fools i swear..but i love them..ok im over and out
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    float on(and its reminding me of last summer)