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Yeah, it can be used for a header =) It's rather large though o_O 700 x 700

HOpe you all like =)

Also.. I'm thinking about doing a tutorial for those of you with PS or PSP.. not sure what to do it for yet. Heh who knows if I'll ever get to it. -ish laazy-

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KIRSTIE. Ackakak so sorry, I finished this aggeess ago and I thought I updated! Weird, must have been dreaming.

Well.. it's done, just not real well =/ If you don't like it, I can redo it for you!

Sorry, I havn't strted the others >_< I'm bad at requestfilling.

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And I have like 4 or 5 random icons =/

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Requests/other things

Ok, well I wasn`t expecting my last post into a request post, but I don`t mind. I have exams this week which means lots more sleep, reviewing, etc. SO you`re going to have to bear with me =)

I think you all have laready seen these icons from my personal journal, but I`ll post them anyways.

Tease[R]: Image hosted by

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Sorry for the shortness- I'm almost done with a small Ashlee batch.
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New, boring layout. I used to be all into the whole comlicated, a billion layers header graphics, but I'm loving the simplenss =)

Well, my brain is dead. What do you guys want? I made this journal for you. Ideas? I can do..

-Headers (requests)
-moore icons (any certain celebrities?)
-FO banners
-anything else you can think of =)

Let me know, pleeease!
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