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mama rai
13 July 1985
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the birthname is Racine, but u can call me Rai. currently 21 years of age. confident yet shy. Bethesda, Maryland born, DC metro area resident. virgin until marriage. certified web/digital camera abuser. future corporate hustler, hard-working Electrical Engineering, Accounting, Economics major and Geographic Information Systems minor (ok for real this time!! lol). senior (part I) student @ University of Maryland, College Park GO TERPS!!!!!

.run again
Marcus♥ College Park♥ country dudes♥ Ludacris♥ lipgloss♥ chocolate♥ neon colors♥ movies♥ masturbation♥ clear nail polish♥ hip hip/R&B/Go Go head♥ SIMPSONS♥ kisses on the forehead♥
.over it

dumb broads;; liars;; cheaters;; sluts & homewreckers;; flowers (I have allergies);; conceit;; bad breathe & hygiene over all;; people who use the word "hater";;
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rai.21.college student.fat girl. so eff'n awesome. I cry, whine, moan, grown, bytch, threaten, masterbate, eat, sleep, drink, piss, shyt, bleed, cam whore, crush, ♥ music, & think I am pretty just like every lady should.

I update, I comment. . . + me if u do the same.

*no this is NOT a rant of a bitter chick because I have NEVER asked anyone to add me. . . maybe that is why I have like 10 people as friends. . . but I am only adding those who will read me and those that I will read.

sidenote: what is with bytches puttin shyt like applications on their LJ?????? when the fawk did your goddamn barely written in journal become that important???????????????? now I understand that it is yours, but maybe these broads are like fawkin internet superstars or something. . . but application though??? i don't care about your new purse, your meal at the new sushi bar, or your ugly ass boyfriend. goodness, this shyt is QUICKLY workin its way up to wack.

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