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The only good thing out of this election is that when all these democrats fuck up, especially our black president elect, no one can blame it on the republicans because everything is blue now. good luck assholes. :)

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so, at work my new shift is 9-4 like six days a week. sweeeet. i love morning hours, i get to do what i want all afternoon. plus i'm in the service desk so it's call paperwork and waiting on customers. i love itttt. they might open up the position of customer service assistant manager and i'm totally going for it. it's like 15 bucks an hour to do what i already do.

today i finally get my hair cut! it's been soo long. i wanna dye it like a dark redish purpley browish color. and just get a trim, i wanna grow my hair out a little longer.

i have to come up with 100$ to take a class to keep my license because i'm a sucky driver. i don't have 100$ because i have to pay my car insurance and that's insane. i have no idea where i'm going to get this money and i'll have my license suspended if i don't. i'm so frustrated with this whole situation cause i thought i got this all straightened out at the registry but apparently it doesn't matter, i still have to do it. which is wicked lame and stressing me out.

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you know what i like? when my father feels bad and i just say "okay." it makes me feel good good good.
you know what else i like? hanging out with katlyn, tom, josh and ben when i am sad.

and billy, and how hard he tries to make everything special and good.

and jenn who puts up with me and is always there for support.

my mom is getting the van from my grandfathers and i get to drive to school tomorrow! that's my dreammm.

birthday two weeks has officially ended. thanks everyone :)

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A -Am. Studies - Coyle
B -Art Studio - Verrette
C -Chemisty - JEPSON!
D -Am Lit. - Colbert
E- Study in the Cafe and h229
F- Banking - Perkins
G- Geometry - Eid

i love how i have verrette and jepson.
it's weird i have perkins cause that's one of my good friend's aunt.
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-aunts birthday

-miss seniors

-skipped math today adn went to spud's

i realized today that when i get the fuck out of my house and away from my dad, my mom will be left behind to deal with him. i can't do that to her. i don't know what to do, im fucking bawling my eyes out

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dude i went to the mall and i bought a flask at spencers, a sweatshirt at aero, a garder to hide the flask and tiara at claire's.

so i'm set for prom. all i have to do now and not fuck up and miss appointments. i can't even believe how well like, life is going these past few days.

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yo yo yo nigga's in the house.

so i got new make up woooooo.

this weekened was the best weekend of my fucking life.

my parents are going to kentucky to see some friends for the first weekend of vacation. i am so fucking happy. and they trust me to stay bymyself, except for saturday morning when my aunt checks up on me. DUDE. party saturday night. i can't wait to tell briana.