12 September
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clowns to the left of me
jokers to the right
here i am, stuck in the middle with you.

likes: acting, aliface, amandalay, animal rights, ashlee simpson, belle & sebastian, ben stiller, boston, buddygirldaisy!!, carole king, chinese food, chronic future, dane cook, danny phantom, death cab for cutie, duh-duh-dancing, ferris bueller, gilmore girls, gwen stefani, henryfag, hilary duff, homestar runner, hot hot heat, hotpockets!, jack black, jason mraz, john cusack, john mayer, johnny depp, josie and the pussycats, keira knightley, lalalindsey, mae, maroon 5, midtown, my morning tea, no doubt, photobooths, photography, pirates of the caribbean, rilo kiley, rollercoasters, saved by the bell, scotty doesn't know!, sex and the city, soco, sodapop (my guinea pig), stand-up comedy, the breakfast club, the doors, the early november, the rocket summer, the salv, the coreys, the wilson brothers, the smell of gas stations, to kill a mockingbird, wayne brady, wednesday nights, will & grace, ♪.

dislikes: chris rock, fundraising, horrible books we are forced to read in school, hypocrites, ignorant people, josh groban, movie previews that aren't in the movies, paintball, prejudice, remote control hogs, repetitive techno, seeing roadkill on the highway, strong coffee, stupid drama, spiders, the dark, usher, when the sunlight wakes me up, wind chill, winter, yucky vegetables.

cause it reminds me of you.