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Newport [22 Nov 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Georgie laid her head against the plane window and sighed. She was bored out of her mind. Flying to Newport was boring as ever. She opened up her i-book and logged into her journal.

   We're on our way to Newport right now. I'm excited to get out of NYC for awhile and let my hair down. I havent heard from Sky in awhile.....thats never good. I just hope hes coming and forgot to tell me or something. Jeremy's house is huge from what I heard and Im glad hes letting us stay there. I brought enough stuff for years of staying haha. Who knows maybe this will become my college choice too! Although I would like to see where Sky is going to go. I love him enough I might go with him haha. Might....Might. I dont know where are rooms are or who we're staying with. I hope they're fun and with friends. Although it wouldn't hurt to get to know the other east siders. Well Im out.....the flight attendant is coming around first class again. I need a cosmo.

<3 Georgie

P.S. Sky comment if you're staying or going

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[10 Nov 2004|03:19pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Georgie walked into her pent house bags filled to the brim with shopping items. She collapsed into a white leather couch and kicked up her feet. She ran her hands under the couch cusion searching for her laptop.

   I spent the day gving the new girl Taylor a real tour of the city. We showed her the good places and not the Statue of Liberty or stuff like that. She's really funny and even found this "HOT" pair of lepoard print pants. Rain came along too and I was glad. She's my best friend haha in New York. My mom called this week and everything is good with her. She's coming down around Thanksgiving to give a quick check in. Won't that be fun. I talked with Sky and everything is better. I guess I just needed to let my feelings out before I could move on. I'm glad I did though, he means the world to me. Haha, getting off drugs def. clears the mind. Speaking of new people once again I have to rave about Taylor. She's Nate's cousin from Newport and one kick ass girl. I love her haha......shes alot of fun and def. is cool to hang around with. So is all of my other friends too. For now I'm gonna relax and maybe hit a club or something. I'm in the mood to drink.....anyone with me?

<3 Georgie

Georgie got up and sighed. She needed a cosmo, and wondered if anyone else would be up for one........

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Lazy Day [05 Nov 2004|05:35pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Georgie stepped out of a bed with a headache already rattling her ears. She slipped into her pink La Pearle robe and fuzzy slippers trudging into the kitchen for coffee and asprin. The events of last night were still blurry but she wanted to update her LJ.

   Last night was a total smash. My party rocked and will be the talk of the town for a long time to come. Even though a certain guy who will remain nameless until he apoligizes on hands and knees alerted me to his cheating but thats okay. I tried to have a good time and Flow plus Rain helped in that. Flow said he'd write me a song which he should. Rock songs and singers are sexy. Haha....everyone seemed to be having a good time. My i-pod gift bags were a hit too. Im just glad I didnt have a meltdown or the workers sucked. All and All I loved it. Today I'm just gonna kick back and maybe shop. I'm trying to avoid Sky as much as possible. Im really upset and shopping is something good to cure that. Well Im not too too upset just relapsing or something like that. Well Im off!

   <3 Georgie

She shut the laptop and grabbed a cup of coffee before heading into her room to change.

Love Me

Just Another Guy [31 Oct 2004|03:25pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

   Georgie slipped away from the party again wishing that right now this night would be over.

   So everyone did effing lie to me. Sky did sleep with Katie because he was drunk! Like thats an excuse. I find a guy for the first time who isnt tottaly f*d up and he turns out to be just another guy. Just another guy looking for sex from a stupid girl like me. Sky says he likes me that it doesnt mean anything because we weren't serious about eachother. Well he might not have thought that but thats not what I thought. It was the same day he came to me for sex. Why do I always have to fall for guys like this. Whatever, I told him we can keep dating as long as he stays away from Katie. Does that make sense? Was I stupid for saying that? Happy Effing Halloween Everyone.

 <3 Georgie

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[29 Oct 2004|08:39pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

   Georgie slipped away from the party in her catwoman suit and checked her livejournal. Maybe Sky left some explanation of why he was late.

    The party is really good. I'm kinda already drunk but Im avoiding anything really heavy till round later. Nate and I are talking. That's always fun when Blair is here.......I just love her. Rain is around here somewhere and Jeremy just showed up. Lots of people are mising though. WHY IS THAT? Where is Flow? Okay so I'm a nervous wreck. I've been planning this party for days and now it looks like it's crashing and burning. We need some excitement. Well I have to get back to the party. A little side note though, I did get to show Sky the pre costume preview at his place. He has a huge house and a great bedroom. Haha can you figure it out without all the details? Im out!

<3 Georgie

   She shut off the computer and hurried back into the living room. More people looked to be coming......

Love Me

[28 Oct 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

   Georgie got in from shopping and laid her supplies out on the kitchen table. The decorater whipped them away finishing what was left of the party planning. Georgie sighed and went into her room. She climbed into her red silk robe and laid back on her bed. A quick update to the journal and a call to Sky would be good.

    Flow's party was amazing. I can't beleive we hit it off so well. He's really hot not as hot as you Sky. We kissed a couple times maybe more....I'm not sure I was pretty drunk. But, I didn't let it go further than that. Sky and I left afterwards and headed back to his place for a personal look at the Catwoman suit. This morning I got all my last minute supplies and made calls to the workers. Some of them are already here getting ready. I can't believe how well this party is turning out. I made sure to have black shot glasses engraved with the party date for every guest to take home in the gift bag. Oh jeez, I'm so freakin nervous about this damn party. What if nobody shows up?!? I know that won't happen but the drama will come along. It always does when the East Siders throw a party. Well I need to change and call Sky.

<3 Georgie

   She logged off and took a sip from a vodka lying next to her bed. That was from a while ago but anything to calm her nerves would be good. She turned on her radio and called the make-up artist in to do her up.

Love Me

Countdown [26 Oct 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

   Georgie was happy to break away from the party scene for a moment and update her journal. She had found an area where there were computers and chairs to relax in. So she cuddled up in one with her laptop letting the alchool settle.

    Flow's party is off the hook. What a dumb thing to say first but its really good. Sky and I are having an amazing time, and I'm glad we've hit it off so well. He's gonna be Batman and I'm Catwoman now....whip included. The party is raging and everyone whose somebody is here. Rain is dancing drunk and Blair and Nate snuck off together. Katie hasnt showed up yet and neither is Hayden.....so that kind of says something. But I really like the party and Flows doing a great job of hosting. Only a couple more days and than yours truly will be hosting hers. Rain and I came up with some awesome ideas......this will be the party to be seen at. Well Im gonna find Sky. He better figure out I want him to take me to bed after this...his bed this time. My mom hasnt called this week and thats a good thing. She's figuring out I need to be on my own!

  <3 Georgie

   She turned it off and stood up. Where the hell was Sky? She wanted to dance with him again.....

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[24 Oct 2004|02:36pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

   Georgie walked into her penthouse holding a Starbucks in one hand and her cell in the other. She had just gotten back from party planning with Rain and had to check in real quick at home. She wanted to get ready for the party at Flows club thing or something. She laid her stuff on the bar and walked into her room to update the journal.

   Im having a good weekend so far. I spent some time with Sky looking for a costume at the Hustler Store. That was funny and he was suprised at the inside. Today I also met Rain for party planning. The theme is sexy/scary. It's gonna be fun and people are really getting great costumes. Im glad Sky and I are so close. I like him alot and hes a good guy. Geez Im always gushing on about guys. Or sky for that matter. Katie is coming next week to room with me for a bit. Than Il switch off and have Rain maybe. Or sky could come haha that'd be interesting. Well Im going to get ready for the party. Not much else is happening in this lonely penthouse. OH! My mom called yesterday and is coming this week to check in on me. Like she really cares anyways. Well Im out!

 <3 Georgie!

   Georgie shut the computer and took off her clothes replacing them with a robe. She climbed into her bathtub with a sigh. It felt good to relax for a few moments.

Love Me

Long Night [18 Oct 2004|06:38pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

   Georgie scooted herself into a Starbucks booth and logged into the computer. Sky was up at the counter paying and getting her breakfast so she was passing the time. She had an amazing time last night and wanted to write about it in her journal while she had time. Party planning was all over her mind now.

   Sky is still here, which comes as a shock to me. Many guys before have either left or not gone this far. I feel really good being with him. Like this morning when he put his arm around me, that was nice. I know that there are secrets left to be told about him but I can find those out. For now, I'm just enjoying his company. Its good to be with someone who has the same history as you. Katie is gonna be my roomie for awhile....that should be fun. I'm really excited for my party. It's invatation only so you don't get those crashers from the west end. I hate when losers like that show up. I wonder what Sky is going as? I should ask him. Anyways, I'm doing good post-rehab being the good little angel everybody loves. Haha my mom hasn't called me in awhile which is a good thing. Being on my own is fun and I like having whoever I want over whenever I want. I just hate school. UGH. Classes start up again tommorow......fun times. I'm out!

<3 Georgie

  She logged off and smiled as Sky walked over with a coffee in hand. She wanted to kiss him right there and than but Georgie took a sip and than put an arm around him.



title or description

The Costume!

5 Jealous NewYorkers*Love Me

[16 Oct 2004|02:33pm]
[ mood | busy ]

   Georgie relaxed in her bed waiting to see what Sky would do next. She just laid back and watched him for a moment sleeping peacefully. It had been an amazing night. She rolled over on her side and dug out the laptop from under her bed.

   Last night with Sky was one of the best nights of my entire life...haha I sound so sappy. But hes really great and even though I've done it before Sky was by far the best. Hes really nice and so geniune with me. I just hope theres not any secrets hes hiding...sometimes I still wonder about the party. I talked with the girls and we're meeting on Monday at Starbucks to do party planning. I'm super excited. Katie is still deciding her costume.Rain are you making invites? I love how excited eveyrone is for the party. I am alot more than what you know. I hope it turns out okay.......this is the first party I've thrown since rehab ended. Speaking of which I still don't have a roomine. Anyone wanna spend a couple nights here or something? I get lonely...haha. Well Im out.....gonna try and catch up on sleep!

 <3 Georgie

  She closed it shut and tapped Sky's shoulder. "Good morning," she whispered.

3 Jealous NewYorkers*Love Me

Laying Down [11 Oct 2004|05:17pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

   Georgie waited while Sky grabbed her some asprin from the kitchen. Her headache was terrible and she just needed to shut her eyes for a few minutes. But thinking of her upcoming party led her to a few ideas:

Hey Girls and Guys! I'm Bored so Pick Your Fav 4 Me:

  1. http://www.fredericks.com/showlarge.asp?name=Vintage+Candy+Girl+Costume+&item=90805&path=%2Fimages%2F9%2F90805%5F86%5Flrg%5Fa%5F4600%
  2.  http://images.buycostumes.com/mgen/merchandiser/17448.jpg?zm=400,400,1,0,0
  3. Find One 4 Me!

< G

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[10 Oct 2004|10:39am]
[ mood | nervous ]

   Georgie walked into her house with Sky behind her. The lights were out and it felt weird bringing someone inside. She told him to wait while she went back into her room. She changed out of her swimsuit and into some lingere she had bought in Paris. It was a pink camisole with matching pink boy cut underwear. Logging on to her journal she'd figured to give a quick update before heading back.

   The party was really fun. Sky talked to me for awhile but than vanished for even longer, so did Katie. Katie and him had to have been together but I don't want to think that. I talked with Rain and we had so much fun. She's becoming one of my best friends. Blair was there with Nate and who knows what happened especially once she started talking with another new kid Haydon or something. Nate helped me when I was worried about Sky though, he's really nice even when we're not together. Eventually Sky did come back he looked nervous.....who knows! Now he's here and I hope something good happens. I need a guy to work out just this once!

<3 Georgie

  She logged off and relaxed on her bed for just a second. Letting out a big sigh she got up and went out into the parlor. Something good better happen.

5 Jealous NewYorkers*Love Me

[06 Oct 2004|12:13pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

  Georgie stepped into her pent house for just a moment grabbing her swimsuit off her bed. She had to meet Sky and the gang back at Katie's hot tub party already in progress. She had an awesome time with Sky at lunch. They had talked alot and she found that he was an amazing guy. Too bad nothing more had happened. She logged onto her journal quickly before leaving again.

   I had a really good time at the party and with Sky. He's a new guy in town and nothing more happened I feel good around him. He's different from Nate and more laid back. I hope he asks me out or something. I should invite him over. This huge place can get lonely. I wish somebody would move in with me. I need to ask an old friend or something. Well today Katie's having a hot tub party. Sounds lame but I'm going for Rain and Sky. Rain is excatly like me and I love her to death. We can get in trouble with eachother and have a good time. I know we'll be tight for awhile. Well I gotta go because the party can't start without me!

<3 Georgie

   She shut it closed and grabbed her purse before running down the stairs and to the first floor."Taxi," she shouted into the crowded streets. This party might be fun........

Love Me

Reeling [03 Oct 2004|09:06am]
[ mood | tired ]

   Georgie woke up from what seemed like an endless day. She had slept most of the afternoon trying to kick off her hangover.  The party had been a smash and she had gotten quite a few shots in her. She slipped into her red robe and slippers and reached for her laptop under the bed.

   The party last night was really great. Katie and I livened things up with body shots and dancing on the tables. Nate and I are just friends and I'm fine with that. I think for some reason that's more important to me than anything. SO many girls like him right now anyways. Plus, rumors are flying that new guys are around. I'm heading into the Tribecca Star later to hear all about it.

   My mom called today and informed me that for now the penthouse is just mine. I need to find a roommate though for a weekened stay. Maybe Katie would sign on and we could throw a huge party. She didn't want to live our home just becaue rehab told me this would be better. I like being alone, I can run around naked and not have anyone care. Haha...too much information right there. Well it''s already the afternoon and I plan to head out. So be around later.


   Georgie slid the laptop away and rummaged through her closet for the right outfit. She chose a pair of skin tight jeans and a white sweater. It was cold outside and she didn't want to be too skimpy out there. Making sure the door was locked and she had her purse she was off.

Love Me

[26 Sep 2004|01:25pm]

   Georgie returned home from Barneys with her UGG poncho in one hand and 7 jeans that barely fit in the other.  Rain had given her some great advice on what to wear for the party.  But as soon as she had metioned Nate she knew it was time to go.  It wasn't a topic she wanted to talk about or one she had brought up with herself.

   Walking into her huge pent house she headed inside to the office.  Her I-Book had been left in there and she would do a quick LJ update before the party.

          I don't know how I feel about Nate. We broke up but my feelings are sometimes still there.  Im enjoying being in New York and I met Rain today. I dont know if she likes me because she hates Blair, or because Im desperate looking. But, she helped me choose a great UGG poncho and cute jeans. Ill look great anyways. I can't wait for the party tonight. Im excited to see what happens. Im all alone in this pent house for now. My mom says I should be fine until they can find someone to room with me. Shes thinking maybe she will soon, but my dad isnt too big on leaving our old house.

        I'm out because I need to take a bath and stuff before the party. Who knows what will happen there? I'm nervous and scared. I hate feeling not in control. When I do, I feel the need to drink...and thats something I need to less of. But, when there's a party I break the rules just a tad

   She shut the laptop and laid back on her bed. This party would be amazing.

Love Me

[25 Sep 2004|04:34pm]

   Georgie almost wanted to scream. It was another day at Constance, since she had moved there from Rehab.  The only people she knew were Serena and Blair. It sucked that Nate hadn't met her this morning before school either.  She ran her pencil along the paper making tiny marks.  If this teacher went on any longer she'd fall asleep for sure.

   With a relieved sigh, the last period bell rang and she rushed into the New York air.  She had heard all day about the shopping trip that some girls were taking.  It wasn't like her to pass up a social event so she slipped her jacket on and hurried down the New York streets.

Love Me

[04 Sep 2004|01:46pm]

  Georgie woke up and brushed the covers off her. it was the first full sleep she had in awhile. It felt good to wake up at a decent hour and face the world head on.

  She could already tell her parents were gone and the maid downstairs was making a racket cleaning up the house. Georgie get her skimpy pajamas on and went downstairs to grab something to eat. The maid didnt even acknowledge her as she walked into the kitchen. Georgie was used to them thinking she was this troubled teen with nothing better to do than get drunk. So when the maid turned her back she held up her middle finger just for fun.

  Georgie brought her pop-tart out into the huge den and turned on the television. She'd just watch news until somebody called. Maybe Nate was up....

3 Jealous NewYorkers*Love Me

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