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a trembling or shaking...

my heart beats too big.
31 January 1984
a lot of fruit, accordion breaths, animals, artwork, autumn, bad films, being envious of crows, being overwhelmed constantly, birds perched on wires, braveness, breathing, carolers, children's music, children's stories, christmas, cloud makers, collages, collecting empty matchboxes, creative people, crows, curling into blankets, dreams, elephant 6 recording collective, falling in love, feeling alive, feeling okay, fever dreams, good films, grey/pink skies, hermitage, hermits, imaginary worlds, intricacies in snowflakes, irrational fears, knowing i'm mortal, lamp lighters, lampshades, large blankets, line art, magic, major organ, making big plans, making up words, mismatching socks, mixed media, nigh, nomads, not sleeping, october, people reading aloud, pop-ups, rainy autumn days, rainy autumn nights, reading, seasonal changes, secret keepers, singing saws, singing songs to myself, sitting on the floor, sleeping, soft glows, spending time alone, squishing pumpkin guts, standing on rocks, story tellers, swarbles, tchotchkes, tea, the first snow, the infinite beauty, the moon, the music tapes, the ocean, the warmth of snow, the wind, time, troubadours, trying to fix things, utensils leaning on things, vegan cooking/baking, wanderers, wanting to be better, wanting to grow wings, watching night snow fall, wet leaves, winter, writing, you are beautiful