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x RIDE or DIE x

Retain me from the Silver Bllet in your eye...

1 December 1989
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Im 17 lookin to have nonchalant fun - i ride an Eastern Bikes(TM) during the three dry seasons, and a K2 Fuse 154cm in the Winter! I love listening to music, hearing new riffs, listening to the old ones, and riding around. Snowboarding is one of my lifetime passions which i hope to take with me throught the many prosporous years of my life. "Ride til ya die!" I have put on a few shows before in the downtown area of syracuse, and once up at the Westcott(peace, love, and rock n roll), I've already taken two years to promote another show, but we'll see whatsup, i hope to get another one together again here soon for sure, maybe a ska/hxc mix. We'll see whatsup.

There's another interest/passion of mine, which i am hoping to be going to school for within the next year and a half, and that is filming. I have made a couple of videos out of some snowboarding footage friends and I have gotten together, but i would love to do so much much more. I plan on going to Columbia College of Hollywood, *cross-fingers*, and majoring in cinematography/and or editing, minor in producing, something along those lines. I have a little something together called SnoGUN films, and I had a website up for a while, but ended up taking that down. You can check out a trailor i made for the snowboarding film we made last year here: Testing...Testing.... Mainly SGf is a one-man crew... ME! But i am looking for anyone whose interested on making friends and shorts at the same time. If you're in, or around the CNY area, drop me a line: deathXis a DJ [aim].

If you wanna 'holla' at me about getting a show together, or getting together to do a short film or somethin of any sort, feel free to drop a line: deathXis a DJ [aim].