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/// maybe it's time to come home

9 November
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more or less ---> read the damn journal
My logic is not your logic but it does not make me illogical.
bite me.
I am just a twilighting nymphet looking for her Humbert.
18+ bitch

Brianny. Bri. B. 20/bham, al/girl. antagonistic. brilliant. coquettish. damaged. esoteric. fun. girly. honest. imaginative. juxtaposed. klutz. lola. manic. nouveau. obscure. pseudo-something. quirky. rambunctious. sarcastic. tactless. undeniable. violated. wanting. xenophile. young. zed.

I will not be a liar anymore. The girl. The journal. The thoughts. The feelings. The strife and life and trumoil and all out war that rages within these pseudo-pages is the reality. I cannot be your liar. I cannot contiue padding your falls. I cannot not be me.

everything here is mine.

I cannot take credit for all of my "originality", tho. The layout for my journal was taken from publically posted code from transmaniacon (whom I will inevitably tell) then personally raped my yours truly. I made all graphics. All written work is from my mind and my mind alone.

I ask of you nothing but respect. You do no have to agree or understand or empathize. I don't expect it. Respect the fact that I am this bold.

Do not add me to your friends list unless you plan on commenting. (How hypocritical, I suppose.) Then again, befriend me anyway. It will make sense at some pt.