So Bored...

1. Who are you?:
2. Are we friends?:
3. When and how did we meet?:
4. How have I affected you?:
5. What do you think of me?:
6. What's the fondest memory you have of me?:
7. How long do you think we'll be friends or enemies?:
8. Do you love me?:
9. Have I ever hurt you?:
10. Would you hug me?:
11. Would you kiss me?:
12. Would you date me?:
13. Are we close?:
14. What's the main emotion that stands out about me?:
15. Do you wish I was cooler?:
16. On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?:
17. Give me a nickname, and explain why you picked it:
18. Am I loveable?:
19. How long have you known me?:
20. Describe me in one word:
21. What was your first impression of me?:
22. Do you still feel that way about me?:
23. What do you think my weakness is?:
24. Do you think I'll ever get hitched?:
25. What about me makes you happy?:
26. What about me makes you sad?:
27. What reminds you of me?:
28. What's something you would change about me?:
29. How well do you know me?:
30. Ever wanted to tell me something, but couldn't?:
31. Do you think I'd kill someone?:
32. Are you gonna post this survey to see what I say about you?:
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ANother Survey thing

[x] Name: Jolie
[x] Birth date: 05-19-89
[x] Birthplace: Little Rock!
[x] Current Location: Lonoke :'(
[x] Eye Color: Greenish Grey or something..
[x] Hair Color: brown with the highlights of many colors! hooha
[x] Righty or Lefty: righty, yo
[x] Zodiac Sign: taurus
[x] Innie or Outtie: innie
[x] The shoes you wore today: my brown shoeses
[x] Your eyes: i believe i already described them. yes.
[x] Your fears: heights, r-words, entrapment, snakes, spiders, needles, bunch more stuffs..
-----------------WHAT IS------------------
[x] Your most overused phrase on aim: hehe or haha..
[x] Your thoughts first waking up: i wonder what time it is..
[x] The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: eyes, or the way they smile.. whichever i see firstest
[x] Your best physical feature: i dunno.. my eyes i guess..
[x] Your bedtime: whenever i wanna..
[x] Your most missed memory: i dunno..
-----------------YOU PREFER------------------
[x] Pepsi or coke: Dr. Pepper.. =)
[x] McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's i guess.. i dont really like either tho
[x] Single or group dates: single dates.. yes.
[x] Adidas or Nike: Adidas just cuz i like the way it sounds
[x] Chocolate or vanilla: choco-late!
[x] Cappuccino or coffee: idk..
-----------------DO YOU------------------
[x] Smoke: noperz
[x] Cuss: not like i used to
[x] Take a shower: without them i would die!
[x] Have a crush(es): yes, yes.
[x] Who are they: they should know!
[x] Do you think you've been in love?: i dont know.. i dont think so..
[x] Want to go to college: sure
[x] Like high school: not too much..
[x] Want to get married: i dont know.. not anytime soon..
[x] Type w/ your fingers on the right key: why yes as a matter of fact i do
[x] Believe in yourself: umm no i dont think so
[x] Get motion sickness: not that i'm aware of
[x] Think you're a health freak: haha no
[x] Get along with your parents: more than what i used to
[x] Like thunderstorms: LOOOOOVE THEM!!!
[x] Play an instrument: i wish.. but alas.. i have no musical talent whatsoever
------------IN THE PAST MONTH DID:/:HAVE YOU------------
[x] Go to the mall: ooh i did that today!
[x] Eaten sushi: noperz
[x] Been on stage: no
[x] Gone skating: noperz i cant do that..
[x] Made homemade cookies: i don't do cookies
[x] Dyed your hair: umm.. i dont remember when i got my highlight thingies.. so.. i dunnoz!
[x] Stolen anything: i cant remember..
-----------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
[x] Flown on a plane: noo!!
[x] Missed school because it was raining?: i dont think so..
[x] Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: yes
[x] Cried during a Movie?: ALL the time.. :(
[x] Ever thought an animated character was hot?: well.. honestly.. i have.. but my friends and i used that "if he was a real person" thing..
[x] Had an imaginary friend: I STILL DO!
[x] Cut your hair: umm yes.
[x] Had crush on a teacher?: haha still do =P
[x] Been caught "doing something": what is this "something" you speak of?
[x] Been called a tease: ofcourse
[x] Gotten beaten up?: noo.. i'm a peace loving me..
[x] Shoplifted: once or twice.. nothing big tho!
-----------------THE FUTURE------------------
[x] Age you hope to be married: umm no younger than 20 but no older than 28
[x] Numbers and Names of Children: one or two i guess.. umm and i guess if its a girl Emma or Zoe.. and a boy Steven, David, or Paul.. or Dane.. i'm likin that name..
[x] Describe your Dream Wedding: something simple but super pretty..
[x] How do you want to die? umm some way that isnt painful
[x] What do you want to be when you grow up?: i dont know yet.. i'm workin on that..
[x] What country would you most like to visit?: Russia or Italy or Ireland or or any of those European or Asia placies..
-----------------OPPOSITE SEX------------------
[x] Best eye color: green or brown eyes are hawt
[x] Best hair color: it doesnt really matter but i guess dark hair.. like a dark brown..
[x] Short or long hair: not so short where there's barely any there but not longer than mine.. shaggy hair's real hawt tho..
[x] Best height: not shorter than me! or waaaay taller than me..
[x] Best weight : i dunnoz.. chubby guys are kinda cute.. but ya gotta have luv for the sexy skinny guys (one imparticular =P)
[x] Best first date location: i dunno.. movies are good.. but hangin out on the couch is pretty fun too..
[x] Best first kiss location: doesnt matter.. first kisses always rock anyway..
-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
[x] Number of drugs taken illegally: 0
[x] Number of people I could trust with my life: 4! the most trustworthy peoples i know!
[x] Number of CDs that I own: omg.. i could be counting for days..
[x] Number of piercing: 2! just my ears tho..
[x] Number of tattoos: 0
[x] Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? i have NO idea
[x] Number of scars on my body: a bunches.. and most of em i dont know where they came from!
[x] Number of things in my past that I regret: waay too many to count.. but then.. if those things hadnt happened.. things might not be like they are now! and i like how things are now!
[x] Shampoo: anything that smells good..
[x] Fav Color(s): green
[x] Day/Night: night
[x] Summer/Winter: summer i guess
[x] Lace or Satin: lace i guess.. cuz its pretty..
[x] Fave Cartoon Character: Felix the Cat, Chilly Willy, Zorak and Brak, and Meatwad
[x] Fave Food: i'm likin me some chicken tacos.. but i'd eat ANYTHING italian.. or maybe fried rice..
[x] Fave Movies: Ghost World, Garden State, Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle, and sooo many others..
[x] Fave sport: baseball..
----------------RIGHT NOW------------------
[x] Wearing: a t-shirt and some exercise pants.. and socks and stuff!
[x] Drinking: nothing
[x] Thinking about: Stevie!
[x] Listening to: TLC- No Scrubs.. haha..
---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
[x] Cried: nope! =D
[x] Worn jeans: why, yes i have
[x] Met someone: nope
[x] Drove a car: no :'(
[x] Talked on the phone: yes i have
----------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
[x] Yourself:noperz
[x] Your friends: sure do
[x] Santa Claus: when i was little..
[x] Tooth Fairy: umm no.. i cant say that i do
[x] Destiny/Fate: sure do
[x] Angels: kind of..
[x] Ghosts: sure do
[x] UFO's: well ya never know i guess..
[x] God: somewhat
--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
[x] Do you ever wish you had another name?: only when people mispronounce my name..
[x] Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: noperz.. (if SOMEONE would ask then maybe! =P)
[x] Do you like anyone?: sure do
[x] Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: i dont know.. i dont really think any of em do..
[x] Who have you known the longest of your friends?: Tiffany
[x] Are you close to any family member?: umm.. i guess i'm close to different ones with different things..
[x] Who do you hang around the most?: beth
[x] When have you cried the most: when a mean boy did mean stuff...
[x] What's the best feeling in the world?: being around Stevie! =P
[x] Worst Feeling?: when mean boys do mean stuff.
[x] What time is it now?: 7:58PM
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[x] General:
[x] Name: Jolie
[x] Age: 15
[x] Grade: 10th
[x] Height: 4'11.. i think..
[x] Weight: 'tween 104 and 110lbs
[x] Sex: Female
[x] Heritage: iii'm irish!
[x] Number of Siblings: 2
[x] Number of pets: too many to count!

[x] What is your favorite:
[x] Animal: Pandas!!!
[x] Food: anything italian!!
[x] Sport: baseball
[x] TV show: Sex and the City
[x] Lip gloss: anything strawberry flavored!
[x] Movie: Ghost World
[x] Singer [[male]]: Buddy from Senses Fail
[x] Singer [[female]]: Kelly Clarkson.. =P
[x] Song: idk.. but whenever i hear Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue.. i always dnace and get all happy and stuff
[x] Actor: Steve Buscemi
[x] Actress: Thora Birch or Scarlett Johansson
[x] Website: this 'un's all yer gettin..
[x] Holiday: St. Patrick's day!!

[x] This or That:
[x] Boxers or Briefs: boxers!
[x] Guys or Girls: guys.. cuz theyre easier to get along with!!
[x] Pale or Tan: pale! hehe
[x] Lake or Beach: beach
[x] City or Town: City
[x] Shopping or Eating: uhh.. hello! i'm a chick.. ofcourse its shopping!
[x] Lip Gloss or Cellular: cellie
[x] Coins or Bills: Bills
[x] Reading or Writing: reading
[x] Christmas or Halloween: christmas!
[x] Flowers or Chocolate: hmm.. chocolate cuz flowers die.. UNLESS its my favey flower.. then yes.. flowers must give..

[x] Are you currently:
[x] Crushing: yep
[x] In Love: not so much..
[x] In a serious relationship: nope
[x] Happy: well.. i'm not UNhappy
[x] Having enough of this subject: no, not really..

[x] Have you ever:
[x] Been in Love: i'm not too sure.. so i'll go with no..
[x] Had a boyfriend: yea
[x] Had Sex: nope
[x] Watched Porn: haha.. not gettin into that..
[x] Done Drugs: not really..
[x] Drank Alcohol: lil bit..
[x] Smoked: not really..
[x] Been in a car accident: noperz
[x] Gone Skinny Dipping: no.. i dont think i will.. unless the water is VERY warm..

[x] The Last:
[x] Person you called: i dont remember..
[x] Song You Listened To: American Hifi- The Geeks Get the Girls
[x] Website You Went To: this one!
[x] TV Show You Watched: i dont remember that either..
[x] Thing You Ate: chicken tacos!
[x] Person You Talked To: Kaye on teh phone.. and umm Jessica and Stevie online
[x] Person You Were Thinking Of: umm.. i dont really know.. or maybe i DO know and i dont wanna say.. yea.. thats it..
[x] Time You Cried: Monday night..

[x] Do You Believe In:
[x] God: not sure
[x] Jesus Christ: i believe he was a real person, yes, but i'm not really sure about all that other stuff..
[x] Buddha: yea
[x] gods + goddesses: i dunno..
[x] Love at First Sight: i would like to..
[x] Childhood Dreams: i never really had any..
[x] This site: yes. i believe in this site.

[x] Who is the:
[x] Funniest Person: Michael.. OMG.. he's so fuuunnnny
[x] Most Trustworthy: Stevie, Adam, or Kaye
[x] Best to Hang With: the Beth
[x] Prettiest Person You Know: Stevie =P
[x] Most Athletic: Tiffany!!
[x] Person w // the best hair: ME!!! haha!
[x] Best Actress: i dont wanna say cuz it'd be real mean..
[x] Best Singer: Kaye cuz she's the only one that's gonna have the balls to sing at the talent show hehe
[x] Sexiest: Stevie =P
[x] Sweetest: ^^^ aww he's the sweetest too!!
[x] Most Laid Back: prolly Adam..
[x] Smartest: definately not me!
[x] Best Red Head: Tiffany hehe

[x] For or Against:
[x] Same Sex Relationships: as long as you're happy thats what matters!
[x] Sex Before Marriage: well.. just as long as youre not bangin EVERYONE
[x] Stealing: its only okay with small stuff!
[x] Porn: i dont see what the big deal is..
[x] Stopping this: doesnt matter to me..

[x] 5 People You Tell Everything [[well almost everything]]:
[x] Stevie
[x] Adam
[x] Beth
[x] Kaye
[x] hm.. my mom i guess..

[x] Top Pet Peeves:
[x] Liars
[x] Assholes
[x] Obnoxious people
[x] egotistical people
[x] close minded people

[x] For the Future:
[x] Career: something all medical-ified..
[x] Private or Public High School: public i guess
[x] First Boyfriend: how is that for the future???

[x] Most Annoying Phrases:
[x] anything involvin the name "Steven Rich"
[x] what's wrong?
[x] that's crazy! haha..

[x] Next:
[x] Movie You Want To See: idk.. theres alot..
[x] Song to Listen To: idk!
[x] Person to Call: nobody..
[x] Place to Go: with tiffany
[x] Thing to Do: go with tiffany..

[x] Must Have All The Time:
[x] moneys..
[x] gum!
[x] Music
[x] Friends
[x] Computer

[x] Favorite Clothes:
[x] light blue jeans [x]paint com. t-shirt [x]black slides

[x] Favorite Accessories:
[x] my watch..
[x] my cellie
[x] lipgloss
[x] purse

[x] Favorite Stores:
[x] i dont have one
[x] same as above
[x] same as that too
[x] same as the rest
[x] ya know what?
[x] i dont know
[x] cuz i dont have any..

[x] Favorite Restaurants:
[x] dont have any of those either

[x] This or That:
[x] Wendy's or MacDonald's: McDonald's i guess
[x] Fridays or Chili’s: Chili's
[x] Hats or Scarves: haats!
[x] Back Pack or Purse: prolly purse
[x] Dog or Cat: Doggies!!
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I'm SUCH a Dumbass...

Okay, so I've already updated today.

Well here's another.

Okay.. Friday.. So Friday was a pretty good day. It was okay until lunch.. and then i had to see THAT GUY* but after he left I got to stay in the cafeteria and talk to Michael so that was pretty fun, cuz i really like talkin to him and stuff. He's so freakin funny! But anyways.. the rest of the school day was pretty average, I guess. I can't really remember. So after school I was gonna go to Beth's, but before I was gonna head out there, I had some stuff i wanted to take care of in Jville. So I didn't get to her house til almost 8. We watched some stuff about scary movies or somethin. That was pretty crazy. Then I had some pretty fucked up dreams that I can't remember.

Saturday Morning Beth and I went shopping with Julie. We bought stuff. Then we went to eat. Then we went shopping again. We got our nails done. (Note: I have no fingernails. This is because I've got a really bad habit of biting em.)

The day was pretty great. Beth and I stayed the night at Kaye's for her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAAAYE!!! We just hung around at Kaye's and watched movies and stuff. Again, I had some pretty fucked up dreams. and I woke up SOOO many times.

At around 7 or so this morning Beth decided she was hungry and wanted to eat her candy that we got at the mall the previous day. So Kaye and I are all in dream world and Beth's making SOO MUCH noise with this bag of candy. I'm laying there thinking "wtf is that?" I opened my eyes to see Beth starin at me with a big grin on her face.

Reluctantly, Kaye and I "woke up." We sat around not doin much but talkin and stuff for a little while then we decided to move. I remember eating a waffle and watching Napoleon Dynamite. Kinda close to the end, Beth's mom came and got me and her. Her mom dropped me off and I chilled at home for a lil while. And then my mom and I went shopping again.

Oh how i Love to shop.
Shopping is great.
Yes it is.
Shopping is awesome.
OH gee whiz!

^^ That's my awesome shopping poem that I just made up.

Well, anyway, the point of this entire entry is to tell you this.

Well, an hour or two ago I decided I was gonna look at some magazine thingies. I was spacin more than I was payin attention to the magazine tho. Well when i finally relized what was goin on I was all chewin on those lame ass fake fingernails. Actually, just the thumb, but i was all "well.. since i did one i might as well do the others." So i went to my mom to see if she could get me to stop.. but she was on the phone.. so i kept chewin. After she had gotten off the phone I had little bits of white crap stuck to my fingernails.

So I've been filing them trying to get the white stuff away. It's not really working.

That is all.

Good day.


(Gotta show Fez love)

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Guys Are Assholes.

One guy imparticular.

Hmm... it's strange... I'm totally against cheating on people.. and stuff.. But I've found out that apparently I cheated on Steven.

I wonder who I cheated on him with, though.

I mean, yes, there were guys I probably would have chosen over him with if given the chance. But I would've just done what he always does to me. (That is, make up some reason for us to break up and then hook up with someone else.)

Why is it so hard to find a guy that won't do that crap to me? Someone that, ya know, likes me for who i am.. not what they want me to be or want me to look like or sex.

Maybe I should just give up on guys.. or people in general. Yea, that seems about right.

I may sound bitter, but why shouldn't I??

People don't do anything good for me, so why should I do good stuff for them??

I'm done whining.

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umm.. I'm still alive, I guess..

Well, dang. It's been a long time since I've updated. So here's an update for you.

The last post does in fact apply to my life now. I got back with Steven, possibly one of the worst mistakes I've ever made, but I thought "Well, if he's STILL coming back to me, maybe he really does wanna be with me."

Obviously I was wrong.

As of now I have no interest in him AT ALL and I am now happy he is out of my life. And I guess he is too since I caused him SO much stress.

The dog I had, Taz, disappeared a while back. So now I'm on a never-ending quest to get me a dog.

Alot of other bad stuff's been happening, but I don't feel like getting into that.

So here I am, I have a new outlook on life. Great.

Not to mention, I got myself into a pretty fucked up situation. I don't know what I should do about it, if anything. I may just be making it into more than what it is, though. So as for now, I'll just let things develop. Maybe the way I want, maybe not.

Hmm... yeah, that's probably it.

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Single again!

As I said before.. I'm gonna be single again for a while.. that last thing was just a fluke. But eh.. I'm not messed up about it.. I was gonna do it anyway.. However, this is another guy that's chosen someone better over me. Self-esteem is OH SO great right now..

Do I just look that bad?? Or do i have some sort of personality defect or something?

Eh... I guess I'm not really worried about it. Just as long as it doesn't get rubbed in my face that I'm single and freakin everyone else isn't then I'll be good. (Even tho I was basically single...)

Well, that's all there is.

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No More Rain

I'm so sick of it raining! I hate having to walk around with the bottoms of my pants all wet. Damn me and my shortness!! Don't get me wrong, I love it when it rains.. I just wish it wouldnt rain at school. It screws up my hair so bad! I know that it's all superficial or whatever of me to not like the rain cause it messes up how i look, but i don't like looking like crap! Not in public anyway!

Besides constant rain, not much else has happened. Tomorrow's Friday! Woohoo! That means another BORING weekend for me. Beth's supposed to come over tomorrow, so that's cool.

On the brightside, for some reason, I've been all talkative to alot of people here lately. I don't know why.. But it's good cause I like talkin to people!

Augh... I gotta figure out something to do for at stupid science project... Science should die. But not really... Just don't make me do anymore science projects!

Well I'm pretty tired, so I should go to bed.

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I got a new puppy yesterday!!!!!!

His name is Taz and he's a lil black lab puppy... he's soooo cute and soooo fat! and aww i luv em to pieces! hehe he's sleepin right now..

OOH OOH! and I saw that movie Garden State that i've been wanting to see FOREVER! and AHH! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! it's SO my second favey movie (second only to Ghost World). and the music on that movie is freakin awesome! awesome if you're into indie.. which i was only a lil prior to this movie.. but now i'm a freakin indie freak! that band Frou Frou.. OMG they're so awesome..

Tomorrow's new year's eve! w00t! i'm goin to beth's for new year's eve! double w00t!

That's it.

Happy New Year!

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Okay so i had a pretty good christmas considering i got pretty much all I asked for and more.

So why do I feel so horrible? I've got this really nasty sinking feeling and I just feel like I'm all depressed and I dont even know why..

I guess I just feel kinda alone right now.. cuz everyone else is out doing stuff and I'm stuck here with nowhere to go. I'm always stuck here with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Or maybe I'm just tired... I dunno.. either way I'm just not in a good mood and it sucks cuz its freakin CHRISTMAS!

That's it.

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