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Simply pulchritudinous, dear

9 January
External Services:
  • __emobaby__@livejournal.com
  • i look SO g00d

I am:
a girl. araya. emo. a dork. hyper. sad. depressed. a brunette. christian. dumb. loud. annoying. addicted to my computer. friendly. a bitch when i want to be. tiny. pale. adorable. in love..at least i think i am. freckly. a piano player. always changing my hair. emotarded. on fire for God cus he's cool like that.

my friends. some of my family. hair dye. love. God. music. dancing. singing. shopping. my livejournal. parties. make-up. eyeliner. reading. writing. poetry. faeries. hott elves. my youth group. money. lipsmackers. lipgloss. sephora. nail polish. switchfoot. my piano. playing the piano. shoes. christmas. easter.

homework. school. posers. people who judge other people. the lakers. physics. math. my aunt's dog. shopping with my mother. disney movies. christmas trees that are like one foot tall.

Can't Live Without:
friends. family. food. music. my piano. God. telephone. movies. my dog.

give biggermac more *HUGS*

My life is rated PG.
What is your life rated?
, a walk to remember, aim, aim icons, all american girl, american idol, amy lee, anton, beanie man, biking, binkies, black, black eyeliner, black hair, blue eyeliner, blue hair, books, boy meets world, boys, boys in eyeliner, brand new, bring to me life, broken hearted losers, brown eyeliner, california, camels, candles, carrie, chenelle, chihuahuas, cold stone, colorbars, computers, crushes, dance, dancing, danville, darkness, dashboard confessional, ddr, deb, doors, dreams, dun dun dunning, dvds, elysse, evanescence, eyeliner, fairy wings, fairys, fallen, final fantasy, finding nemo, flip flops, flowers, french manicures, friends, friends only banners, gary the snail, glitter, goldfish, green eyeliner, gunbound, hair, hair dye, hello kitty, hoobastank, ice cream, icons, imaginary, infinity, java chip frappacinos, jesus, johnny depp, karaoke revolution, kiki, kip, kittens, laughing, legolas, lilies, listening to music, lj buddies, lj icons, lord of the rings, love, makeup, mandy moore, manuel romero, mascara, matchbook romance, meg cabot, mirrors, money, monkeys, movies, music videos, my chemical romance, nail polish, napoleon dynamite, orlando bloom, pale skin, pedicures, pedro, perms, phone, pink hair, pirates of the carribean, pizza, poetry, purple eyeliner, rap, raul, sarah dessen, sean paul, sephora, sharp objects, shitake mushrooms, shoes, shopping, skirts, sleep, sparkles, spongebob, starbucks, sugarcult, swimming, switchfoot, taking back sunday, taking pictures, teen girl squad, tessa, the beautiful letdown, the sims, the used, tinkerbell, toe nail polish, trapt, tv, uncle rico, usher, walls, will turner, yelling, yellowcard