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I looked out across the freeway, at the people flying by [entries|friends|calendar]

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NOT FRIENDS ONLY TODAY! [ 15 Oct 2005|11:49pm ]
Today Jesse and I went in the flood water! it was pass my knees:

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after the flood adventure alexander came home so my family + collete went out to eat and we were there soooooo freakin long haha and then when i got home mj was in my driveway so me him and jesse went to dunkin where dean and ashley met up with us!! then we went ot the beach and i ended up having to drive mjs huge car becuase he was stoned.

good good night

[ 09 Jun 2004|05:33pm ]

from now on my journal is friends only
this means only people on my friend list can read it
if you want to be my friend add me and leave a comment
sorry to those who don't have a live journal that liked to read it

ps: if you don't have a journal make one here

if you do just add me already!

[ 08 Jun 2004|09:11pm ]
so today after school me kyle erica and ryan rode bikes to squan, we got a few things from the thrift shops and then went to manasquan pizza and the playground
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[ 30 May 2004|05:13pm ]
Alex@$@#!&()!@$@! i got to see her last night it was so great i don't want her to go home! she called me while i was in old navy and she was in the mall and so me and erica ran out and like tackled her and we sat down and ate at the food court and then walked around the mall, then we slept over ericas adn we were bored and her pool was cold so we were like why don't we take whorey modeling pictures? of course thats what everyone always thinks
haha modeling pictures/other pictures under the read more.

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[ 27 May 2004|04:49pm ]
title or description
Alex and George dancing to the Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack

by 7:20ish myself erica and one other person were the only people in coffee blue:
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title or description

today i edited a video
i hate not having control of the other journal
i want all my friends back!
if you're an old friend/reading this add me please :]

[ 26 May 2004|03:44pm ]
title or description

for any non believers <3

my old records :[
Date created: 2003-07-18 16:07:04
Journal entries: 310
Comments: Posted: 2,929 - Received: 1,936

haha if anyone has anyway of getting into sublimesas please do it and change the password and give it to me!

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