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Eleanor was bored. And that in itself just wouldn't do.

Dressed to kill in her usual choice of leather pants and a strappy top, she glided down the back alleys of New York, searching around for something that would amuse her more than the random stray cat passing by.

Just as she was about to give up the role of the creepy back-alley night stalker and head for the clubs where she could get some actual action going, the distinctive smell of someone, or something, that stood on less than four legs caught her attention.

Her head turned automatically in the direction it seemed to be coming from, take another sniff at the air and working out the stink of rotting food and sewer rats.

Definetly not a full vampire...A human? A new convert, maybe?

She backtracked slightly, following her instincts to the source of the scent. As she got closer, the faceless figure's identity became clearer, and a slow smirk spread across her face, a flash of teeth glinting in the moonlight.

This is bound to be fun.

ooc: Okay, on to interaction! So this pretty much leaves it open to lycans, humans, or newly turned vampires/lycans. Anyone?
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glare // windowsill

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"That was too bloody close for my liking," Eleanor muttered, backing up from the boarded up window as the first rays of the sun started peaking across the horizon.

She drew the heavy curtain for extra security, casting the room in nearly complete darkness. A swift of a flick later, a small lamp lit up, illuminating the run down sofa, unmade bed, and heavy wooden desk, littered with countless pieces of wrinkled paper and thick books, that took up most of the crummy little apartment room Eleanor 'lived' in during the day.

She sighed, walking over to the bed before collapsing on it, not bothering to take off even her shoes before smothering her face into the pillow.

"Stupid daytime."

ooc: So utterly pointless. But I'm bored ^^
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glare // windowsill

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Damn the bloody sewers.

And damn stupid blond boys that like foreplay a bit too much.

And damn this time of year. Daybreak is way too early.

A perfectly fine pair of leather pants. Ruined.

Blood fucking hell.
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glare // windowsill

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New York at night. A vampire's playground.

Dressed to kill in a mix of leather and black lace, Eleanor prowled the streets of the city, her gaze always searching for a prey that would satisfy both her thirst and boredom.

She passed by the guard at the entrance to her favorite club, giving him a nod in return to his knowing smile. Slipping inside, she was met with a blast of colorful lights and throbbing music, to which many people were dancing in the middle of the large room, while others crowded around the bar or by the wall.

Eleanor's gaze traveled knowingly over the mob of people, and instantly she slid through the crowd, several dancing bodies pressing against her in invitation, but she passed by them, completely uninterested. She had already picked out her target.

Having reached the bar, she leaned back against it, brushing back her dark hair back, exposing just the right amount of deathly pale skin.

She waited until the man next to her had looked her way before letting her eyes travel obviously up and down his figure, a slow, teasing smile spreading across her face. She looked up just in time to see the man's glare flickering across the low neck of her shirt, just in time to see the lust start to build in his eyes.

This one was going to be easy.

And sure enough, barely a half hour later, there was a dead man in the alley behind the club, nearly completely drained of blood, and Eleanor was waltzing back onto the dance floor, a satisfied grin on her face.

ooc: If anybody wants to *happen* to be there, go right ahead (:
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