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9 November
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Credit to: shoebox_project for the images. ^^^ SBP is teh sex0rz.

Basics: Stacey. 15. 11/9/89. 9th grade. West Virginia. SSHS. Ravenclaw. Principal's List student.

Loves: Harry Potter. books/reading. writing. drawing. dancing in my underwear when no one's home. singing really loud when no one's home. walking in the rain. rainy days. snow days. playing in the snow. goofing off with friends. talking to guys. looking at old photos. writing notes & letters. h/d. r/s. r/hr. dark & violent fics. H.I.M. Taking Back Sunday. Bam Margera. Tim Burton. Johnny Depp. being silly. Ryan Sheckler. the 80's in general. The Used. cKy. Brand New. George Bush. Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. yelling random things. thinking about what other people are thinking. staying up late during the summer. the smell of rain. waking up on Christmas morning. thinking about the good things that are to come. SBP fangirl.

Hates: goodbyes. deaths. racist people. people who disrespect my opinion. people who try to push their opinion on you. bible thumpers. girls who say they are fat/ugly just so people will tell them they aren't. girls who are thin who go on diets. homophobes. talking during a movie. people who ask me for gum. people who ask me for a dollar. entering before knocking. being late.

Best Friends EVER: Bianca. Tabitha. Rosa. Katie. Amber. Rachel. Mel.

RP Info: I play Stacey for the RP game for hogwarts_ch, you can view my profile here.


Randomage: smashedprophecy - graphics journal, mostly icons. prefect_icons - HP icon community, which is for good icon makers only. shoebox_project - for being awesome and squee-worthy.