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im making a new screen name, and livejournal im me on: yourfaggotx sometime when i get online to give u all it. certain ppl dont have it.peace


Yesterday i went to the doctors,thinkin i wont have anything wrong,then sent me to the emergency room. After waiting 7-8 hours in the hospital, i got a cat scan done. I HAVE KIDNEY STONES IN BOTH KIDNEYS. ouch it hurts like a bitch. Before i left i got a shot in the back of my arm, it was to make the pain go away, it made me loopy and i said things that were funny to my family,idk? i dont remember. The medicine they gave me were VICKEDINS!! or however u spell that. im not going to skool until thursday,ouch. i gotta drink alot more water.. Get well soon cathy!

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Mostly of Public Entries. some friend's only. i'll still add you even if i dont like you. it doesnt matter anymore. I love you! s.v.s
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