July 2005
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Allan Francis Doyle

You go through your whole life having no purpose, that is you think you have no purpose, other then that of a normal person like everyone else. You finally realize that just maybe you found your purpose, teaching. Sure teaching isn’t some glorified thing that would put you down in the history books but it was important. You never know what kind of a impact you can make on a kid.

So that’s what I did, I worked hard to become what I wanted to become. I always knew that I wanted to make a difference somehow and that’s how I figured I’d do it. Not that there was much of another way to do it being a man like me. Even settled down got married and had nice life for awhile.

But then it all came down. Found out the world wasn’t so normal after all. I was half demon which wasn’t the worst of it. At first it was, drove me away from my life and made me start drinking and gambling what I had away. I didn’t care anymore, I thought my life was over. How could anyone want to be with a demon, even want to be friends with a demon.

Next thing I know I’m starting to get these splitin’ migraines followed by flashes of people in trouble. I didn’t understand what it was all about at first but then I did. The Powers that Be told me that I was the blessed one to be chosen to guide their lost champion on the right road.

I couldn’t believe they chose me to do that, I wasn’t any hero of any sort. Sure I always thought I was going to be part of something but not something that big. They had to be mistaken. But I did it. I didn’t even feel that I made much of a difference besides being the whole who got stuck with all the pain and told our hero where to go. And they wonder why I wanted to continue drinking. What’s a fella suppose to do when he’s faced with something like that.

I was always running from my past and trying to deny it until it was too late. I finally realized within those last few moments who I truly was and what my purpose in life was. I finally understand what it was to fight the good fight. Besides I couldn’t go letting our champion sacrifice himself to save them, I had to be the one to do it. Let’s face it, the world would have gone to hell without Angel around. Without me around, well wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

You realize that this world comes full circle. Got my first vision when Lucas came to me, a Bracken demon just like me. He asked me to help him against the Scourge, but I said no. Told him that I was raised human and wouldn’t help, next thing I know I get a vision of my people being massacred. I thought it was just a dream until I went there and saw…all of their bodies slaughtered and scattered about.

The Scourge is what lead me to this life with them being in one of my first visions and is what also lead me to my exist or so I thought.

I spent a month or so living up on a higher plane just watching over them. I have to say I was a bit shocked that Cordelia was so sad about my departure. You finally get what you want and then its too late. She found out I was a demon and finally told me to just ask her out, I even got that kiss from her like I wanted but then I had to take my leave.

That’s what being a hero was. It seems though that the Powers that Be had something else in store for me. Something about it not being my time to go yet and I was still needed. So there I was, one minute in some higher plane or something watching over everyone and the next in Cordy’s living room. Talk about a head trip.

I glance around and notice that she isn’t home. Guess that means I should just wait and whoa will she have a surprise waiting for her when she opens up that door and finds me sitting on her couch.

Allan Francis Doyle
Post for life_after_sd

So I was blessed with these visions. Visions scent to me by the wonderful powers to be. At first I didn’t like the damn things, made me have these splittin' migraines, saw all kinds of things, things you wouldn’t want to see. But I had to see them to guide our champion, Angel. We were in the city of Angels with only one true Angel.

Well, I finally realized that I could be a hero too, yep the kind that Angel was. It was my turn to fight and my turn to make that final sacrifice. Couldn’t let Angel do it, he was still on his path to redemption, besides the whole being the champion of LA. Who else would help the helpless if it wasn’t for him.

I finally thought I could rest in peace, but it seems that the powers to be had another plan for me. After a few years of heavenly bliss they are sending me to help guide our wonderful Cordelia Chase. You see I passed on my visions to her when I made that final jump. Being in the spirit world isn’t too bad might I say, well, I don’t get to have that occasional drink anymore but I guess you can’t always have everything the way you want it.

So Cordy is in some sort of coma and I get to haunt her dreams, must be my lucky day. I look around the lobby of the hotel. “Nice digs you got here. Too bad we didn’t have this when I was around” I say as I walk in more. I knew she could hear what I was saying even if she was in another room. This was in her mind after all.

[Open to Cordy]

Allan Francis Doyle
Post for __illusion__ at greatestjournal

[IN this community Faith was the chosen slayer instead of BUffy]

City of Angels or better known as Los Angeles. I am here to help guide Angel. You see I was the blessed one to get these visions from the powers to be, which is to say great, splittin' migraines that come with pictures. A name, a face. Angel is the champion who stops these vision from happening. You see he’s on the whole road to redemption and I’m here to show him the way. Yet he won’t get that redemption if he continues the way he is. Right now he’s just a shadow out here, a faceless champion to the human race.

Let me tell you a little bit about Angel . He was once the meanest vampire in all the land. Every other vampire was afraid of him. But then one day he was cursed by gypsies for killing one of their favorite daughters. How do they curse him? They restore his human soul. And all of a sudden he's mad with guilt... it's a fairly dull tale. My feeling is, it needs a little sex. So what happens? Comes enter a pretty little brunette. Vampire slayer by trade. The only thing is he doesn’t feel anything for her. Yet she’s madly in love with him. Can’t stand to see her hurt. So, what does he do? He takes off. Goes to L.A. to fight evil and atone for his crimes. Yet he keeps away like a shadow. That’s why I’m here. To show him the way. To point him to the helpless. And of course this isn’t an easy job.

It took him awhile to finally listen to me. But all is well. We even might have his friend Cordelia Chase working with us. She really is something. Would never like a guy like me but I can try can’t I.

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