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Okay, since my last entry some things have changed.

So basically, the duplex fell through, which totally sucked. But then, a girl I work with was like well, I have my house for rent. so tadah! New living space. It's like a fucking dream. Its a really cute adorable older house. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, hardwood floors, fireplace, two car garage, and a really cute vintage bathroom. I'm totally painting over the wall paper its a little to pink for me but the light switch and fixtures are to die for. And for only dun da da daaah 400 dollars a month. The only reason shes renting it out so cheap is because they don't want to deal with the house. They don't want to deal with the yard. They don't want to deal with anything if anything breaks. So, fuck it. My better half just so happens to be a handy man and so is his father. So we're set. New toilets and faucets are in order (which we are getting for free and top of the line at that). Other wise is all in pretty much perfect condition.

We picked some paint colors which I can't wait to go out and buy. We started watering the lawn already because it's pretty dead and to be honest it's a total fire hazard. So by the time we move in it should be pretty green. We move in august first which gives me plenty of time to save up for random shit we need.

We're going to create a sound proof room and a guest room out of the extra spaces we have. The back yard has so much work to do but it'll be my little project. I'm going to start a little garden and get the back yard looking really nice. We plan on living in this space for a long time. We're even considering doing a type of thing where you rent to own. That's not what it's called but it's the only way I can explain it. We'll see how it goes though. I don't want to be stuck in Newman but I feel like in six years when we're ready to sell it, it will pay off. Who knows with the way the housing market is though. Anyway, I'm getting off track here.

If I'm stuck in this hell hole I might as well love the place I'm living in. It's in Gustine and it's a quiet neighbor hood. I'm going to adopt a dog once I get back from my family vacation toward the end of september. I'm hoping for either a dachshund, welch corgi, or maybe even a pomeranian. There are thousands of dogs available for adoption. When it comes closer to the time I'll look into it some more. But I can't wait. I've wanted my own dog since I was a little girl and now I can do it.

Suddenly I've gotten really busy at work. It's like I have a clientele out of no where. Which came at a really great time. I can't wait to move into my new place. It's killing me.

Life is really good to me right now. This is truly the happiest I've been in like I can't even tell you how long. I've finally found a really great sweet guy and now we can finally start our life alone in our own place.
Wow, I haven't updated my livejournal in almost a year. I don't even know what to say. I'm 25 now and that's some scary shit. Not much has changed. I've been working. Mike and I are doing great. We still live at home but we have a lil somethin somethin lined up. Free rent. Umyesplease. The place has a little backyard perfect for a little dashchund. :) I'm going to adopt once when we move in. Mike just needs to get in and start gutting the place then he's building from the ground up. Its a really tiny place. A sixplex needs some fixing up and mike is hired. Its a family friend so he's giving us free rent forever as long as mike manages the place. I don't know when this is happening but I can't wait. Hopefully soon. Id type more but I'm on my cell phone and its quite the pain in the ass. Although its helping me pass the time in lathrop. Mikes in class and I came to keep him company for the ride. You see nothins changed. Lol still inseperable. Oh love.
Is it pathetic that I miss my boyfriend every second he's away from me? I just want him to get out of school so I can get off work and just do nothing with him.

Well, I guess its better than wishing he'd go away. Haha :]

Man. 3 o'clock can not come any faster :[

Jun. 16th, 2010

Im not exactly dieting but I've made an effot to eat better. I quit soda about 3 weeks ago maybe more. I eat a fiber bar for breakfast only 120 calories, small salad for lunch with an iced tea, and then dinner. In the last year and a half ived lost a good 35 pounds. (Again no excersize, just eating better, eating less.) This is the first time in about 5 years that I've weighed less than 180 pounds. Im so fucking happy. Most people gain weight in their relationships. I got lucky and lost. I feel so good.

Mike and I are going to try and start waking up around 6:30 to go on bike rides before I go to work.

My goal weight for now is 160. Idealy id loved to be 150. Frankly I don't think I can weigh any less. My body builds muscle and this ass isn't going anywhere lol.
I would like to start this post off by saying happy mother's day to all the livejournal mommys!

I don't have much to say considering I live a boring life which is better than a dramatic one I suppose. Sooo I guess that means Katie: 1, Life: 0? I work 6 days a week for hours and hours and hours a day. I love my job. It's been picking up a lot the last couple of weeks. Some weeks are good and some weeks are slow. But that's everywhere I suppose. I'm glad I've found something that I won't ever hate. I don't know how anyone could get sick of doing hair. I just don't get it.

My birthday just passed and I had a really good one. Last years was a big ZERO. This year was a perfect TEN. I worked during the day, hustled, made some green and then went off to San Jose with Mike. We had a nice dinner with just the two of us at Original Joe's and he dropped 80 bucks on dinner. So fucking worth it though. Most expensive dinner I've ever had. I mean, it was the best steak and the pasta was great. The oil and vinegar was AWESOME. My waiter brought me the best vanilla ice cream i've ever had in my life, topped with raspberry sorbe with a couple of cookies sticking out of it. Him and mike sang happy birthday to me and then we headed home. And of course the next day I went to my parents house. Got some cash and bought like an entire new wardrobe. None of it is very casual at all. I got some really cute stuff. Like anyone cares right?

See, I don't have very much to say. But just know that life is good and I'm doing great. It's been treating me really well. Again like anyone cares? lol. fuck it.

well well well

Heeeeelloooo livejournal!

God damn, I can't believe it's already february. I can't really believe that its 2010. So much has happened!

I got a job. Actually it's more like my career. I pay 89 dollars a week to rent out a sation at unique by design, a local salon in my area. Its pricey and it is a little difficult considering my clientel is almost non exisitant. Lol. but I make enough for now. Im making more than I expected to in the begining. I think after a few months it'll be a lot better. These things take time. Im really lucky to have found this place. The people I work with are really great. Its so comfortable here. I love it. I love my job. I practically live here. Im there right now updating from my phone lol. Im the only person here monday mornings and rarely are there any walkins or calls on this day but I don't mind it. I am here monday through saturday pretty much aaaall day. Im very dedicated to this place.

Mike and I have been together a year. We went to monterey and stayed over night, went to dinner, went to a cafe, smoked a blunt on the beach in pacific grove and sat in the cold forever. Went to the aquarium the next day and then came home. nice get away for sure.

Speaking of pacific grove... I decided that's where ill be rasing my children. That will be my community. So maybe in 5 years? Maybe 7?

So I decided once I build a steady clientel im going to buy a house here in newman. Sell it in 5 years when the market is back up. It'd be a good investment. Id then have money for a big deposit on a new house. We'll see. That won't be for another year or 2. But I'm probably going to wait for mike to find a job after he gets his AA it'll be easier on both our pockets if we wait a little longer.

Anyway, things are good. My life is just starting. Ahhhhhh vida!
good morning, livejournal.

I don't have too much to say.

I took my mock board on monday and passed. mike is my model lol. I don't feel so stressed about the actual state board test after taking the one at school. Ours is harder than the actual state board test so that was a great confidence booster. But I don't take the actual test until November 23rd.

I graduate on Tuesday. I can't believe I'm finally there. It was a fast 13 months though. I feel confident with the basics they taught us. Starting and finishing my hair cut on my own WITHOUT anything being cut off by instructors when it comes time to check. I can wrap a mean perm and do nice colors. I'm ready to continue my education though. I want to assist at a salon rather than rent for the first year. It helps you build your clients, you get paid way too much money to do all the bitch work and on top of that I'm being PAID for the education they'll be giving me. BUT, I need to find a good place who does an assiting program while paying you. which is supposed to be common, but we'll see.

Crohns disease and irritable bowl syndrome. I'm sick of being sick. REALLY tired of it. The good news is I can in fact EAT wheat :D. The bad news is I can't have dairy because, SURPRISE! I'm lactose intolerant. I will take that over being allergic to wheat any day though. You won't believe all the things that have wheat. At least I can get some pills to help me break down the lactose. But I wake up sick everyday. I can hardly ever poop and when I do it's diarrhea. You probably didn't want to know that but I'm trying to explain haha. I wake up with horribe stabbing pains daily. I'm nauseous almost all day long but I was just prescribed pills for that which are helping immensely. I take like 3 of them throughout the day.

My boyfriend starts school in december! He'll be attending I.T.T. tech. He is going for his associates in computer technology and security (i think) and then a bachelors in engineering. I'm really proud of him. The first boyfriend I've ever had thats wanted something bigger than a shitty job that requires nothing more than a high school education. So you can imagine the overwhelming feeling of excitement I have for him. And not to mention my mom is REALLY happy about her "future son in law" going to college.

We're gettin' ourselves edumicated!
Quick update for anyone who may be wondering:

Turns out I tested positive for Crohn's disease. Luckily a mild case but still some thing I'm going to live with forever. With strict diet and a few pills daily.

Also, I may have I.B.S. It's a pretty big possibility I go in for blood work soon.
Things have been a lot better since my last entry. Things have looked up quite a bit with some ups and downs but more ups than downs.

Turns out I either have colitis or crohns disease. But.. I'm pretty sure I have crohns. Well, whatever it is my doctor says it's very mild so it'll easily be controlled. That's some good news for sure.

I hate the summer. It's already 109.

I love my boyfriend.

May. 1st, 2009

I turned 23 today. For some reason I always thought that was a big milestone. But tonight proved me wrong. it was the best worst birthday of my life. It was pretty bad but it was def the best of my worst.

Well.. Here's to be 23 I guess.

Good night.

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