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panic over I got my old msn back, turns out they weren't as smart as they thought they were.
I just wish some people would GROW up

fancy you x

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I havent updated in a while i havent had any need to.

i painted my bathroom.its nice...

Going to CheesyPOP with Vicky on friday, should be a laugh.Those of you that wish to join us, should do so because Vicky CANT play pool seriously.Infact i beg someone that can play pool to come along.
ALSO, pure can't wait till the arseholes "get to fuck" party. I may not like half the guestlist, but im going anyway.

I was in the shopping center today, and i really needed the toilet, so close to getting to the toilet and the fire alarm goes..i hate Paisley, and i fucking hate Coatbridge,it is thee shittyest place ever...No offence to you coatbridge folks.


Carol, the one, the only......

I miss carol

I miss carol very much, i miss Friday night discos and chinese eating while watching soaps.
I miss getting ready in Carols for Cathouse, And sometimes i even miss Cathouse, only sometimes.
I miss Banna, when he wasn't john, But he was Banna.
But back to carol...i remember Senses Fail with Carol, and getting drunk on Cider and Black current and almost slipping down the steps to my death,
I miss Carol being my super sidkick, and pissing about for no reason
I miss slagging Ryan with carol, Ryan was well worth slagging then.
I miss carol having about 54654189 boy troubles and we would talk about them and laugh because none of them were actually worth it.

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Last night Vicky and i went to cheesy pop, this consisted of.

* Vicky being late almost resulting in her funeral because Banna WAS going to kill.
* Vicky showing off her Pool Skills....about as shite as me using one hand and my eyes closed while eating hotdogs.
* Drinking a crappy amount of alcohol, which i payed for this morning.
* Dancing like a pure Cheb.
* Some cunt trying to punch me...Who was chinese and about a 25 year old guy.
* Some other 646768765 year old guy constantly pushing me which resulted in a very manly voice, "HERE, nae need for that mate."
* doing the "lawn mower" with mez and almost braking my hand on a railing.
* Staying at matts, Being sick, eating stake pie and chips at about 5 in the morning, and going home.

Vicky is good fun, everyone should have a go of vicky.


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Somehow today, i don't know how, but i ended up in Dumbreck...

Im getting my hair cut by some boy called jamie tomorrow, jamie would most cetainly "get it"
Oh yes he would, he has a nice bum.

ALSO; on Friday im going to the QMU because cheesypop is on, Vicky and Carol will be comming because vicky and Carol is fucking cooler than your life should be good.


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Brendan is a fucking star with his whole generosity and taxi and all and his pissy sarcasm, lovely boy that you are

Anyway..im going to M&Ds tomorrow.

Also Rachael stayed, It was ok till she raided my fridge.We made a shitty trifle, John was the ONLY person to eat it.Twat.

I got new carpets and a new washing machine, when you get your own flat, its sad to say you do really get excited over things like this.

I do really need out more, i need a fucking job.

Cant be arsed anymore.


Love x
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I am updating...look.

I miss Rachael, not because she has gone on holiday, but because we dont talk any more.

I miss Carol, we don't talk anymore either, t'iz sad, yes i know.

I miss Benny, he is staying with my brother just now, maybe i don't miss him, maybe i miss hearing that fucking annoying squeeky toy constantly.

I miss live journal, i want it to be 8/6/04 i miss it back then.

I went to a pissy gig in the At Home center which was pissy. except that pure sexy guy wearing the make-up that you just had to stare at his bum, i can't remember the name of his band but that isnt important....right? Anyway, i miss him... offft

x x x

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My Computer is broken, thankyou to Brian.

Ya cunt.

so im not in the Internet much now.

My Party that is on the 3rd of June is is going ahead. so ye all must come and be merry and dress up as a super hero.

be good kids


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I got a new Puppy, his name is Kipper, i like Kipper, Kipper is my friend.

But actually he looks pure doppy, and runs funny, and barks like a rabbit.

Im going to take pictures when i can be arsed they ye will see.