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[28 Oct 2005|03:40pm]
there has been a curtain call on this journal, i'll inform all the people i want on my other journal when i speak to them i'll also be setting up a new email address for people to talk to me on, everyone can prolly guess who im getting distance from. something tells me when im earning mega dollar i'll be living my life to the full none stop again. going out partying hard! worked out im gonna have 100 pounds plus to chuck a round every week, and thats if i decide to get a new car if i dont it'll be even more, so anyone who has a weekend free and wants to party hard let me no, we'll hit the town and pimp it large!!!!!!!! last shift at the lion 2m, super halloweeeen extravaganza! i think i should dress up! should be a laugh anyway if anyones wondering why's he happy he just got a broken heart? i think im in a state of utter shock, mmmyep and im sure i'll de super guttered and depressed again inabit

adios journal
adios beautifulfilmsx email address ( i like the name im sure i can put a twist on it some how)
keeping same myspace!silly to lose all those amazing friends

like i said you'll be hearing from me if i wanna keep you ta ta x

ps if anyone can help me with new super cool url please lemme no, my former url master just broke my heart x
the lonliest number

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