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Well, hm. I have a few thoughts to speak of and if you choose to talk shit, then it will be deleted.


I'm not a SLUT, how can you be a slut when you don't go around fucking random guys.. hell when was the last time I was on a date? Like, February? Hm. Yeah, and if I go out it's to a show. I love how people TALK SHIT on people they don't know and just cry out random names for their own attention. It's nice, real nice. Funny thing is, I bet if I fronted you- you'd run like a little girl. haha. That's the most HILARIOUS part about it. Keep your talking, you don't know me and I don't know you and don't you dare even think I want your "boy" because it's not even like that. Keep talking the shit because it gets you nowhere in life..ecspecially when it's over a computer? Jesus. Get. A. Life. You think you really know, but seriously you got no idea what your talking about. I mean, if I was SO obsessed with him.. why didn't we talk for so long? It's only been the past few weeks we started talking again and heaven forbid this shit goes on. I don't understand people nowadays, they think they know everything but instead they got no idea. I love it, I seriously love it. It's high school all over again but instead 1000 miles away. Then ALSO, If you want me to flaunt it I will because I know you read this..

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It bugs me, it really does. People are telling me that those people don't know me and they can't talk shit and know what their talking about unless they know me. Honestly, it's total truth. Their saying everything to just get me upset, which is worked for the first time and thats why John flipped out because then I didn't eat for a few days.. He was quite mad at me yesterday so I ended up going and getting Taco Bell and that was exactly what was needed. Why do I bother to make those understand me when all they want to understand is the shit they can talk on me? It's stupid. Plain out stupid. It's also so high school. I don't miss much except being able to talk to him, himself about our regular lives but now that seems like the hugest issue.. because it's right away, "OH MY GOD. SHE'S TALKING TOO HIM; SHES IN LOVE HIM WITH." I seriously have one thing to say and this is how I'm ending this entry, read what I have to say.

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End of my thoughts for tonight, if you comment and want to talk shit- it will be deleted because my journal is not that type of journal you talk smack in; why? It's not even worth it, you want to say something to me then you INSTANT MESSAGE me. Screen name is: Rock a liciousX.

Show some respect and class, please.