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my cigarette is getting smaller, as I keep thinking about you..

I never thought he'd come back and ask me what he asked me, and when he did.. I sank.

things could have been different..Collapse )

My convo, with BB last night. Something I never through I'd go through, with him but he brought it to the table online and of course- he didn't keep to his word. Never called today.

Thank god, soon my schedule will be busy and I won't have to think about him as much as I do now. I hate to say it, but the reasons why my feelings for Rockstar are gone is because of him. I know thats a good thing, because I won't risk ever losing Rockstar again but thing is- do I belong with BB? Some say I don't and some say I do. I still have the ring, and I stare at it almost every night and every night I just wonder, will it ever work out again? Between BB and I? I don't know. He needs to get home real soon, so we can sit down and just talk. I'm just an eighteen year old girl. I dream alot, I wish for alot and now all of its coming back soo fast it's like whoa whattt.

I'm taking every step slowly and right now, it's pointed at mending the broken peices with Rockstar before I get down there. BB is now my concern. Is not my fixing step yet, not now atleast.

[4.months & 29 days]
I'll walk through that tunnell and just be me.

ps: Sup to friends acting like assholes about my birthday plans? My only words to you is: fuck you, and fuck the fact I'm bailing on you because guess what? YOU HAD ALL SUMMER. kthanks!
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