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Nineteen years old.

Name is Brianne aka Bree or Breezy.

Live in Delaware.

Attending Wilmington College, majoring in Interactive Multimedia Design and Communications major with minor in Photography.

Have an amazing boyfriend named Zachary.

Love Photography and Graphic Arts.

I heart my family and friends more then life itself.

My favorite holiday is Halloween, because it brings back alot of memories.

I drive a black 2002 Honda Accord SE and it's my baby.

My favorite kind of music is Hardcore, Rock, Post-Hardcore, Screamo and etc.

My favorite band is currently The Goodwill (seen 15+ times) & Fear Before the March of Flames (12+ times).

I am a flip flop whore, all I wear is flip flops unless at work, then my work shoes.

I am very close with my mother, and I heart her very much. I have a tattoo of a Celtic Mother Love Knot on my lower back. I'll be attending Alliance Tattoo on Kirkwood Highway by the famous Gus and will contuine my upcoming work of art.

I'm a music junkie, no lie. I work for a website called Anti-POPmusic.com, doing reviews/interviews/photography. b.R.O.K.E.n::b.ROADCAS.t

I'm a media intern for Victory Records.

I have my own photography production company, Broken Broadcast Photography.

I wish to live in Chicago or Baltimore when I grow up.

I'm a JERSEY girl at heart even though I live in Delaware.

I'm an Irish sweetheart by blood.

I'm a girl who loves swings; so the park is one of my favorites places to go with my ubber cool friends Tiffany & Shannon. I enjoy snuggling with my boyfriend, Zachary though.

Used to attend shows all the time and kinda just stopped; so you might recognize me from there.

My favorite animal are monkey's.

I do not believe in second chances whatsoever, so if you fuck me over once; you're done.

My LJ is tons of thoughts, rambles, and rants. If you have a problem with it then seriously go die and do not read. kthanks. This journal is screened comments so like if you really have something to say to me, either IM me or unless you're a back-stabbing two faced friend call me and we'll sort it out.

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