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just one more night...

I haven't posted on here in awhile. Hm. Whats new?

Well, I'm in a new relationship thats one. His name is Bobby [it ended last night.] and with that comes a friendship that is gone, Nicole. Who would believe that? Yeah, well it's whatever. Her loss, I'm happy. Winter semester is like a month of almost being done, thank god. I just gotta pass math with a C. Thats it. I've met alot of new people this semester, their all pretty chill people too. Chris is NO LONGER whatsoever in the picture. He pretty much flipped when I came out and told him how I cheated on him after the day after our first date. oh please. It's whatever, he was making life a mess. FS is going good. I was promoted into Catering Services this week. I rocked so hard on Wednesday with pick up orders.

Christmas is around the corner and honestly, all I want are Incubus tickets. I want Bobby to go with me and see them. All I want for Christmas. Oh, aswell as a white Christmas. Lemme think what else... OH, I'M GOING ON A CRUISE!!! TO BERMUDA END OF JUNE. Then Mom and Dad bought land to start building a Cape Cod style beach house down by the old place, I'm excited don't get me wrong but I'm going to love telling the crew about it.. I'm right down the street from Pot Nets, should be interesting. The other night, I saw a flashback with Bob after smoking my first bowl in 2 1/2 years. I saw some things that scared me and yeah well, I didn't pay attention and we almost died if he hadn't grabbed the wheel from me.

My Daddy and I are super close now. He likes Bobby alot, aswell as Mom does. I'm also somewhat surprised that people from HS are contacting me now through facebook; which is cool don't get me wrong but it's just sorta weird. All worth it I guess, I've been chillen with my co-workers alot.

Life is good. Just busy.
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