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innocense will find it's place in heaven..

Hey Tommy, what is going on? Sorry it took some time for me to get back to you, but I just put in a long week with work & school. I'm defiantly wanting to come in and I'm thinking October 5th would be awesome. I want the gold trim of the moon and the star in a midnight sky shade with the stars(to be specific if possible, 5 stars-shaded in or out) with the clouds aswell. The lyrics I want to use are: "Innocense will find it's place in heaven" cascading in a very chic but elegent way inbetween the moon and star, if you get what I'm saying. I would like a really cool script, kind of like a gaelic script if possible. I aprechiate all of this. Making sure the price is still at 150-175. My cell number is 463-3515, I have class until 1230 & then have to go get some things done and won't be able to pick up my phone but I work until 8 tomorrow. If you have anymore questions or anything, please call. This peice I want to be perfect as possible because it's taken me 5 years to finally get it and it was somebody that changed my life forever and his death has and still fights with me every day.

-Brianne (aka Bree)

Thats right bitches, October 5th which is one year for Chris and I, I will go to Studio 13 to get my peice for Nick. I'm doing it, and I'm making more money then I did at Stonegates so I can afford it in my budget, I'm just excited. By the end of the month, I will have 900 dollars put away including my payment for my car. This new job is working out the way I wanted it to and I'm excited.

So, basically the last entry.. as an update, Chris and I met up at Skyline Middle School..sat on the hill for two and half hours, talking about so much shit and enjoyed the beautiful night with the sky and all. It was goregous and it was the one thing I wanted to do all summer and I did it and it made me happy.

Saturday night (last night) basically was interesting. J-Rash's 21st party. Ran into an old friend, almost got into a fight with this skanky ass bitch named Tabitha, she tried to steal my alcohol and succeeded when I was trying to help Chris who got incredibly drunk and made me upset. Long story short, Chris basically lost his car, only has it for work and school. He threw up everywhere(in the parking lot and at his house); I drove his car home while Josh followed me in mine with CJ. I was not a happy camper. I'm fine now, because he's safe and his Mom called me this morning asking me what happened and thanking me for being there for him and like I said, I willnot lose him, I lost Nick in a car accident I willnot lose the man I'm in love with. So basically, this upcoming month is going to be a rollercoaster. We've been through alot so it'll just be another thing we'll work on.

Ten days until one year; I got his present picked up yesterday and it's goreegous. John and Lynne really helped me out big on this. But like they said, it's family tradition.
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