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__dayoldhate's Journal

crayons taste like purple.
8 November 1982
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♦ Kristen.
♦ 24.
♦ Canadian.
♦ Natural blonde.
♦ Currently brunette.
♦ Opinionated.
♦ Loud.
♦ Shy at times.
♦ Cheap drunk.
♦ College drop-out.
♦ Simpsons addict.
♦ Wrestling fan.
♦ Icon whore.

♥ Music.
♥ Sit-coms.
♥ Dane Cook.
♥ Stephen Colbert.
♥ General Hospital.
♥ Wrestling.
♥ the Simpsons.
♥ Family Guy.
♥ South Park.
♥ Making icons.
♥ Drinking.
♥ Cheap alcohol.

↓ Country music.
↓ Backstabbers.
↓ Drama queens.
↓ Liars.
↓ People who steal my icons.

Layout care of tillyness.

I make all my own icons for this journal. Please don't take them without permission.

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