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__darkdreaming's Journal

External Services:
  • __darkdreaming@livejournal.com
d a r k d r e a m i n g* @ lj.com
the dream*

welcome to d a r k d r e a m i n g*. this is thrift's graphic journal. in this journal you will find all sorts of goodies for livejournal like icons, banners, and wallpapers. enjoy your stay!
the rules*

a) hotlinking is not cool. please don't kill my bandwidth.
b) credit either __darkdreaming or thrift when taking graphics.
c) comment with what you are taking. it helps me keep track of people who take my stuff.
d) suggestions and requests help me know what you guys like.
e) drama is fun, but keep it out of here.
f) have some fun :D
the stuff*
the affiliates*
the contact*

personal journal : thrift
msn : the_crayola_crayon@hotmail.com
aim : omggcookiesx
email : the_crayola_crayon@hotmail.com / xxblurplinklexx@gmail.com