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best friends means i pulled the trigger

best friends means you get what you deserve

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my name's alli.
i'm 15 and a freshman at chs.
i'm really into photography.
i can't stand loud noises.
but i love loud music.
i love my friends more than anything.
york maine is my favorite place on the planet.
i collect seaglass.
i'm every cliche, but i simply do it best.
i keep a journal obsessively.
i don't have it in me to hate anyone.
cookouts are amazing.
i play softball and soccer.
people tell me i worry way too much.
and they're right.
i wish at 11:11 and on the first star i see.
listening to rap or mariah carey is torture.
i'm learning how to play the guitar.
i'm going to boarding school next year.
aim - dieromantic1212.

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