December 5th, 2004

The wilted flowers that I gave. Not as nice as your bouquet...

Last night brotherbear and I hung out =) We had a hellogoodbye dance party and he hid all the juice boxes from me =( Then we spied on the neighbors to see if their Christmas tree is bigger than his and it is. I told him to get a sharpie so we could color our chucks and I wrote lyrics and drew pretty pictures on his. He wrote "Hi sisterbear" and "I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk" on mine. Then we painted our nails with the black perment marker. haha we're silly. I told him to go on purevolume to find this one band but we ended up finding this other band that is called The Bleeding Vagina's yeah they suck. he likes them though. go listen to them. I made him watch Mean Girls. He laughed like the whole time! I told you all it was a great movie! SUCK ON THAT! Then I went home and he called me because brotherbear loves sisterbear. and he was talking to me about his girlfriend and I just listened because I'm a good listener. I don't like talking about her because that's all he does but I listen anyways because he wants to talk about it and I'm okay with that. I'd do anything for brotherbear. Then Reed called me at like 4 in the morning because he wanted to talk about his girlfriend and some other things. So I just let him go on and on. I think that makes me a good friend right?
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