September 21st, 2004

And your, your addicted to the drug of lust

I went to Senses Fail last night =) it was sooo much fun. After the show I bought a Senses Fail shirt and got their autographs and Silverstiens on my dollar bill =) haha I'm a nerd I know. I'll have to take a picture and post it. We got pictures with them and this band from Detroit. I was chillin with the Detroit boys for awhile waiting for Dave and Buddy to finish packing up the van then we all chilled haha. They are soo funny =P We were gonna go out to dinner and hang out but they all were super tired because the show wasn't over till 12. So we went to I Hop and my dad calls and yells at me because its late. He told me that I have to go home or he will come pick me up. So Ash and I headed home and I guess he called a bunch of times when we were driving but I didn't hear my phone because I fell asleep. So he calls again soon as we pull up to Ashley's house and he yells at me because it took an hour to get home because Cleveland is an hour away from where I live. But I guess thats my fault or something? So I didn't end up getting home till like 2. But it was totally worth getting yelled at because they are amazing =)

That's all. For right now..I have lots more to say but I have to go to pick up my little brother from soccer practice.