September 16th, 2004

And he can't understand....

I know I said that I wasn't going to update for awhile but I had to.

A boy in my grade killed himself. The attendance office noticed that he wasn't at school and hadn't called off so they called his house and his dad said that he already left for school and he would call around looking for him. A little while later the attendance office called yet again and this time instead of his dad answering it was a police officer. The boys dad found him.....hanging lifeless.

It's so sad when people take their own lives. And even sadder that other people don't understand. Everyone at school is talking about it. Most of them don't know him but they still all are sad. I don't get it. Why feel sad and cry about someone you weren't close to or even know? I'm not saying that you can't feel sympathetic I'm just saying I don't get why you pretend to be best friends with someone when your not.

No one understands. I do. I've been there before. Shit piles up and you can't take it anymore. I'm pretty sure the main cause is his dad. They were having problems. His mom moved out and I guess his dad didn't want him anymore. I also hear that he wasn't too liked at the school. That can bring people down and other people just don't get it.

My one friend made a comment about it. She said "I think that's disgusting." and I said "What's disgusting?" She said, "He killed himself that's sick." I don't think you understand how mad that made me. I told her that I needed to go and I would call her back later.

Kathy told me this morning while crying that if I ever did that she would go insane. She also said that she doesn't understand why anyone could do that.

I don't think I understand how they don't understand. Maybe I just know too much, maybe I have seen too much, or maybe I just have been through too much.

But the sadder thing is...that's 2 kids at my school dying in less than a year.

R.I.P. Jake McGeorge
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