August 1st, 2004

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oh my goodness I just realized that I haven't updated like I said I would!

Well anyways..a few nights ago my parents and I got in this huge argument about how Jayson is a bad kid and I am no longer allowed to talk to him or hang out with him because he does drugs and drinks. Then they decided that they needed to get a few more things off their chest so they went off on me for that night with the beer and they kept saying that I'm lying about it and such and then they started telling me that I'm a slut, alcoholic, and a pot head. Considering that I have never smoked pot in my life and I've never been drunk though I have had alcohol and I've never had sex let alone give a guy a hand job I'm a pretty big fucking slut-alcoholic-pot head, eh? Well after that whole fight they told me that I could either stay home and not have a car, cell phone, computer, tv or phone or I could move out. So what do you think I did? Yes I got the hell out of there. I called my friend and stayed the night at her house. The next day was my ex's 19th birthday so my two friends and I made him lunch and then we all hung out for a little bit. I had to go to work that night and who shows up at work, my mother. She brings me a note she TYPED typing letters is VERY FUCKING PERSONAL LET ME TELL YOU! That night my friend came to pick me up and she told me that we were going to Jayson's hotel with him and Darell because they got a hotel for Jayson's birthday I was like um ok whatever. Well Jayson took up chewing which is totally sick and Darell and Amanda started me smoking so I was fucking pissed and we left and I stayed the night at Amanda's. The next day I had to work and my mom called me at work telling me that she wanted me to come home so that we could talk. So I did. I ended up getting my car back but only for work and to be my brothers taxi cab which doesn't make sense considering I pay for the insurance and gas but whatever. I'm allowed on the computer, the phone and to watch tv and go places but I still don't have my phone back. So tonight I sat down and talked to them about it and I thought that it went pretty well but I guess not because I have yet to find out where my phone is. They told me that they read all my text messages that I have gotten since I haven't had my phone and I had to explain to them what a douche bag is. Well anyways I'm home now, I quit smoking, I work 24/7 and my best friend is coming home on Tuesday! =D

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