<3 Lauren<3 (__crimson_roses) wrote,
<3 Lauren<3

hi. my name is lauren. I like ice cream. juice boxes make me happy. kind of like summer. and kissing in the rain. sometimes I like to go swimming. I don't like thunder. It scares me. little creepy crawlers are icky and my mommy has to kill them for me. worms don't have legs. neither do snakes. ew snakes are icky too. I don't like little kids. they cry and poop in their pants. poop smells bad. I like mechanical crayons. I'm going to write a book one day and I'm going to publish it and be famous. then I'm going to sing on mtv just for kicks. I don't like mtv. they play rap. rap's not music rap's crap. haha I rhymed. I like to rhyme. killing animals is bad. so is my brother. I have a job. It's not fun. I like to play in the sand on the beach and make castles. I want to live in a castle one day. I used to have 3 fishes but they all died. I miss them. when I'm bored I cut my hair. I angled it yesterday. pink is a purty color. so is black. I like blue eyeliner. you're mom is ugly. I feel bad for you. my hair looks silly. have a nice day.

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