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my name is danielle. people call me danielle... danie, den yizzle, gaz, whatever... i enjoy music. i love neutral milk hotel and the gerbils. i play some instruments, primarily trombone. i'm a shift supervisor at starbucks... i like artsy stuff. i'm fond of myself. i like to make other people feel good, if i like them. i don't like many people... heh. whatever.
i like make up a lot, preferably mac. i spend too much money on it =\
i want a mustang convertible... in hot pink. or red-orange... indeed. my favorite color is pink... i kind of dig teal/greens and browns too. whatever. ya know. i hardly ever sleep and i'm rarely at home... i'm convinced i can be friends with anyone, though i'm somewhat selective. aand i can no longer babble and write about myself, so... end.

February 04, 2009

yes, so instead of accomplishing tasks, i decided that practicing the Pre-Chorus on Hard in GH world tour is more important.
However, I feel an insane amount of accomplishment.
Of course, I didn't play the entire song accurately, but I went from "OMG WTF WHAT'S GOING ON" to 90-some-odd percent, and 4 stars.

work on.
NO... fantasies of flight...interpretation of dreams...german grammar & vocab...

condition self
to ... do everything


May 18, 2007

it was a terrible idea to watch mulholland drive in increments and only pay attention to half of it.

what was i thinking?

crazy david lynch.


February 08, 2007

no. more. frappuccinos.
oh my god.
tonight was a wack-tasticly busy night... i'm so TIRED and DRAINED and in PAINN!!!!!
>_< we had this really awesome super helpful borrowed partner tonight, though. which was good.
hooray for people who dont suck!
but really. ive had a cold for the past week or so and its really kicking my ass. my head feels like a bowl of pudding and my ears feel like someone is blowing up balloons in them =[
i'm definitely not performing 150% at work, which kind of loses because i don't wanna make excuses.
though, i wouldnt exactly say i'm performing poorly... just not as well as i normally would.
i'm not thinking as straight as usual... meh. whatever.
i hate that being sick is effecting me physically & emotionally and all that biz. i just wanna feel better.
my sinu-cleanse sort of helped clear out some, ehhem, blockage... butttttt not well enough. maybe i should invest in some mucinex or something...
whatev yo.

i'm dreading tomorrow at work.
we're gonna be down a barista from 645-11 & thats no fun.
well, actually it's gonna be more like 645-9 or 930 b/c the ever so 'fabulous' wil is gonna stay later. good for him...
but it just blows that at the time that we really need to give out halves, during the busiest block of the night... we're gonna be short a barista. x_X
and worse yet... the new good-for-nothing girl is closing too. ugh!!!!


July 15, 2006

i am all sorts of pissed off right now...
*disgrace to humanity* phase.

Dean called out with poison oak.
Understood, tried to get coverage, couldn't get coverage.
It was like, welp. Ya did what you could.
Felt bad for him, Legitament excuse, ya know?

But nope.
Having 2 bumps on his arm and one on his collar bone was just an excuse coz he obviously just didn't want to work.
Because, well. He was able to walk around the store for an hour when he wasn't scheduled, looking for someone to cover for him...
Doing all sorts of nothing.
Even to the point where Katie (my manager) got angry coz we were talking in the back and she said,
"Well, Dean. If you're not good to work, then... well why don't you just go home?"

"Yeah, well I'm filling out the transfer form"

We ddin't find any coverage.
Katie told him, "well you can wear long sleeves and gloves and be on register"
Just flat out didn't want to work, so it now seems.
Was good to touch carafes, pour himself a coffee, talk on our phone...
But not good to work.

I got over all of that while he was there, as he sanitized the phone afterwards.
We even joked about the possibility of him sanitizing the schedule...
And before he left, "I'd give you a hug and tell you I love you, but ... well I have poison oak."

So, we were screwed
But it was okaayyyyy. I'll deal with it.
someone else called out with no coverage already.
We were screwed....
but it was ... okay.

because one of our partners was sick.

he was well enough to go over maras house and play video games.


And of course, well. They don't understand how fucking angry I am.

I hate people who cannot empathize.

So yeah... I dealt with having one person on register and one person on bar at the mall on a saturday when WE WERE SLAMMED ALL NIGHT, because DEANISAFUCKNOSE.

I'm like.
Really angry.
And Im in sooo much pain.
Dealt with soo many stupid people at work only to realize that people who work for Starbucks suck even more.

Good God.

I don't understand how people can screw other people over and think nothing of it.
And, really.
I don't know if his brain just doesn't function like other peoples. ... but
well, last time I checked I talk to mara...
So wouldnt it be smart to, well, not go to Mara's house?
Because... you know? Chances are she'd mention the visit...
Of course, unknowing of the poison oak factor...

and i'm pretty damned sure that it didn't magically go away at eleven thirty.

I'm holding back a great deal of my anger right now for sake of saying something that I'll regret.

and it seems i'm throwing things out of proportion,
but really.
i felt bad for that scumbag.
and he just fucking screwed us over.
go fuck yourself. really, just go fuck yourself.
don't fucking pretend like you care that you're screwing us over,
spare me it, because it REALLY doesn't help out in the end.

when i'm angry at you,
don't say that you love me.
that doesn't help.
you still screwed us over,
i'm still pissed off,
and you're still an asshat.

and when i'm angry,
don't be passive and unfeeling,
because that really fucking gets to me.
you suck.

acknowledge my anger.
realize that you've done something wrong,
then i'll get level headed and understanding...
because a goddamned hug isn't going to solve anything.

I called Heather and told her.
She wasn't so thrilled, but not as angry as I was...
Because, really. I felt genuine compassion for his situation and was alllll sorts of understanding.

I was in this realm of,
well. this is far less than ideal,
but I'll deal with it.
Because Dean feels he's not able to work with the poison oak.
There were more options, but well...
If he feels it's the right decision, then I can trust that.

But... it's like being punched in the face. When you're caring but the person turns out to be a complete jackass.

And I suppose taking Trust&Love to heart really doesn't help.


and don't really know if i'm going to tell katie about the ordeal.
right now, in my brain, he's behavior is punishable by death ...
but thinking with a level-head, it's not ... such a big deal.
i mean, we survived.
it's over.

and i have a feeling katie may make a bigger deal out of it than i did,
and my anger stems from feeling personally victimized.

When he becomes a shift in Manayunk, I hope he gets scumbag baristas like this =P


May 27, 2006

come into work at 8 (an hour early) because gabe sucks, for real.
diana was hungover and in a bad mood,
i was peppy and happy.
i don't know why.
im kind of odd, i guess.
but yeah. enjoyed my short time on the floor...
finished my training.
and, for eric's information...
i did a section that takes approx. 4 hours in 2 hours.
so eff you eric smedleyyy.
but not really, we're on good terms.
i think? yes.
so whaa.
i was singing to gabe as i was unloading the cart.
it was something like "Gabe smells, gabe smells"
randomly the crate falls off the cart and two grapefruit izzes (loves of my life) break.
i was so shocked. i didn't know what happened.
i looked down and was CONVINCED that the crate was still on the cart.
i was just like, hmm what was that shattering noise? why is the floor wet?
what happened?
then i caught up with life nad figured it out.
no big deal. some tiny glass marks but whatever.
no use cryin' over spilled izzes, ya know?
so yeah.
hooray for training being done.
i got bored during the end. well, i guess reading about outdated info doesnt really entertain a person.
but yeah. i think i'm gonna add store cleanliness manual to my manual-worshipping regimine.
yeppooo. so i finish, its like . 4pm, not even. im scheduled for another 1.5 hours, what to do?
i didnt want to go home, because money is lovely.
so i go to staples and return the regular receipt tape that eric bought coz apparently he has no brain and got thermal instead.
go back. realize i have nothing to do. so i start going over some of the training again and become eager to ask eric about shtuffs.
but of course i never get the chance... bleh!
i hear melissa ask eric for help a few times, spread out.
i didnt pay much attention to it, but then i look up and notice she has a line of about 7 cold drinks and 2-3 hot ones.
yeah, way to totally SUCK, eric.
the poor girl.
i noticed she had a good attitude and good work ethic today and i thought it was messed up that he wasn't helping her.
even if she didnt ask,
he should have been.
so, despite the ffact i was punched in as training - i put my apron on and helped her catch up.
she was appreciative. i later gave her a Green Apron Card because she wasnt afraid to Ask For Help and she didn't get frustrated in a stressful situation.

then i am sent to go get a chord for the phone.
weird, but i had some time left.
so i went.
bleh. blah. whatever.
i punch out and hang around the store forever.
well, i got a grapefruit izze because they are my life...
drink that. go to the mac counter... bought an LE pigment and nail polish.
head back.
wound up driving heather to the edison starbucks.
some how wound up sitting outside edison starbucks for like... 2 hours.
i dont know, i just didnt feel like moving.
and it was really nice out.
so i eventually left, after consuming anther 2 izzes.
heh. but heather and i talked about some really stupid shit.
like religion,
i wound up having to say "ok, who am i offending" coz i dont think before i speak and i was in public.
but yeah. it was funny.
i somehow created the ghetto jesus.
who doesn't want a carpenter's knife or sheep from judas on his birthday.
i should not be allowed to read about anything,
coz once i know stuff i become obsessed with the knowledge.
stop me. no read-ee.

go home,
bored out of my mind.

go to wegmans.
bought tazo citron filterbags and tazo mambo 'tea kit' thingy.
i like citronvery much,
and mambo is pretty sweet too.

speaking of which!
i got two new mug awards today.
eric personalized the one he gave me buy drawing himself.
it was funny.
and one from diana, coz... well. i came in an hour early.
i returned the favor in diana's direction coz... she dealt with flat out bullshit.
she called him a few times with no answer. gah!
but yeah...
it's not as super duper awesome as i wanted it to be.
but its still super duper awesome.
its a white tea pot with gold outline and a tea leaf in the middle.
itd be better if it had the Tazo symbol instead...
but whateverrrr!
not everything can be perfect.

and to top it off,
i made a super sweet "Your Barista Is..." sign.
i was proud of it.
i recommended the Banana Mocha Frappuccino,
that i don't even like,
but no one buys it.
and then people started buying it.
i lured them in with my super-hott frappuccino drawing with starbucks insignia.
though the siren was just a few dots of white.
i was proud of my sign,
except my name. which i just plopped on there coz i took too much time already.

ok end.
it is too damn hott.


May 04, 2006

hooray for killing with kindness.


May 03, 2006

i'd kill for a foot massage.

and i havent even had the time to express my overwhelming amount of happiness that the people of MAC cosmetics have brought me.

when i was in florida a few weeks ago, i had an amazing experience at the mac store in the florida mall.
i was very much impressed at the customer service, which means A TON to me as i work with the public.
i felt that the people at the store deserved some praise, particularly the associate who went out of her way to help me.
i wrote to mac shortly thereafter and for quite some time they didnt reply.
i was kind of mad because when i wrote about a terrible experience, they replied and felt that they didnt care about the praise.
but boy was i wrong!

today, right before i left for work, i opened up an e-mail reply from my inquiry.
the e-mail contained much thanks for me taking my time to write about GOOD customer service and assured me that the associate (Yavette) will be receiving recognition for her job well done.
this was good news, as that was the reason why i wrote them in the first place. i know when comments about sbux stores are received, they are sometimes put in "the scoop" for all partners to read (both good and bad things) and the store number is listed for those stores who have done well... and we once received an e-mail about me providing a customer with good service and that was nice =)

but, here's the really good part.
because i took the time to write such positive feedback, mac is sending me a free gift! i have no clue what it will be and it is described as small, but ... omg hoooraay anyway.
i am so happy, it made my morning.

and for the hell of it, the email:

Dear Ms. Macan,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us concerning
your recent
experience at the M.A.C Store.  It is always encouraging to
positive comments, and in this age of heightened competition and
expectations, your praise is especially welcome.

We are proud
of the dedication of our representatives and of their
endeavors to deliver
superior service.  It is evident that the efforts of
Yavette deserve
recognition.  Please be assured your remarks will be shared
with our
Education and Training Executives, who will extend your
commendation to her
along with their own.

As a gesture of appreciation for taking the time to
present your very
positive comments, we would like to send you a small gift
for you to enjoy.
So we may do so kindly e-mail us back with your physical
mailing address
and phone number.  We look forward to seeing you at the M.A.C
counter again
in the near future.


Global Consumer Communications


May 01, 2006

oh money.
no more spending for a while =P

but hoorah for a raise...
which will help support my MAC Cosmetics addiction...

but. yes. i am done for a while.

until the next line comes out.

But I just ordered this 'Try On Pac' w/ the strobe cream which i've been eyeballing for quite some time.
The full-sized strobe cream alone (which is included) is like 27 bucks...
I got this plus a cute lil bag, a small microfine refinisher & eye cream as well as make up wipes for only 32.50.
def worth it, i'd say... =)

Sundressing Event was pretty lame / claustrophobic.
too many people!!!
But I saw a familiar face from the mall. Cory, who gets a grande almond latte.
He was all like, "hey?! have i done your makeup before... you look familiar!"
I'm all like. "Starbucks. Menlo Park"
And he's like, "OHh!!"
Then he tells the lady who's taking names, "She works at starbucks in my mall!"
And we went on about sbux vs. dunkin donuts and the like...

It was kind of silly, I went in there knowing evreything I wanted...
A nice MA tried their new liquid last liner on me... I'm too shy to get people to try stuff on me, so I was really just in-and-out.
I went to the register and I had the money read... the lady was like oh my god.
I did the math before I came =P

My cousin wanted me to find a match for this lipstick she's in love with from VS...
So I went to Sephora and some how found a *PERFECT* match to the lipstick.
She's excited about it =)

Aaannnddddddd. I got CHAI LATTE MIX from the Short Hills sbux as my markout.

And boo hoo for credit card bills.
I really need to open up my second savings account,
a cd,
and a checking account.

I need to pay off my vacation credit card with LARGE payments... 200 +
And finish off the macy*s bill too.
I never use the macy*s card, but I wanted to save that 15% at clinque...
Which, in the end, isn't really much saving.... considering interest rates.

So anyway.
At sundressing I got:
4 shadows:
summer neutral, in living pink, relaxing and bateau.
though some don't like them, i love them.
they're perfect neutrals and really just ... relaxing.

I also got lipglass in C-Thru which I love...
Stubborn Brown Powerpoint eyepencil which I officially love
And 3 brushes:
263, 242, and 224. All I've been eyeballing for quite some time.
Oh and how could I forget? 2 beauty powders in Shell Pearl and Sunsparked Pearl.

Pretty nice amonut of stuff.

And since they didn't have the try on pacs available (grr) I ordered it online... as well as the super awesome liquidlast liner and prolash mascara - just to get free shipping ;)

All in all very pleased.....
And not quite broke!


April 28, 2006

words cannot even begin to express how much i love working closing with dean and mara.
of course its 100% insanity.
but i don't know how it happens.
we just work so well together.
things just happen.
i think we should be the official close team.

at first i thought it was purely because dean became a super-closer coz thats all he does now.
so for a while he was never on register and always on bar and i was always on register.
but today it was the opposite and things still worked out like crazy awesome...

things go wrong, however, when balford decides to break their key off in our door and not tell anyone =P

but yeh.
silent hilllll tomoorrroooowwwwwwwwwww
plus hanging out with michelle?
plus hanging out with jess & meg?

i have a terrible habit of making plans with numerous parties.
but i guess i figure that some plans fall through...
and i'll be disappointed if someone 'cancels' on me.
so this is a no-fail way to live my life.
i'll always be happy and disappointing others.


April 23, 2006

oh hooray for being with only one other person on the floor for like... i dont know, 3.5 hours.
and it was outrageously busy for a monday afternoon.
very steady, i should say.
and of course, this woman comes and asks for beans but has no clue what she wants.
granted, she was a sweet heart.
i explain to her some that i love,
offer her a sample of one in which we were brewing.
then recognizes stacy and asks for her help.
it was really funny because stacy recommended the SAME EXACT coffees i did.
-house blend

she wound up getting verona and sumatra.... looooove.
good idea on her part, i must say.
i ring her up, but she didn't give me the beans.
she pays.
then. damn.
we had no sumatra upstairs. i knew we had ONE bag left in the basement,
so stacy gave me the keys and let me go down there.
poor stacy was on the floor alone.
so i get upstairs, and continue helping out this woman - being legendary and such.
she notices the coffee she's getting is bold & extra bold.
she's torn, because it is not, in fact, for her and is afraid of getting something too strong.
she previously bought breakfast blend for (i think her husband) and he hated it.
he didnt think it was true starbucks coffee (gotta love this guy and i dont even know him).
to me, sumatra and verona are two starbucks staples. they're very popular coffees and are often requested / mentioned by customers (in my experience).
i told her it'd be fine if she'd like to choose something different,
i felt somewhat bad. it must be tough trying to satisfy someone with coffee but not knowing what kind.
she explained to me that he is handicapped and really, really enjoys his coffee.
i told her that these coffees are sure to please and if she was disatisfied, i'm sure we could do a refund for her.
sumatra is like ... THEE partner favorite. so, come on. you cant go wrong with sumatra and verona. lol.
so she wound up getting those too.
i hope it worked out.

but -gaaa- while i was helping her, there was a line. a small line, but still. i felt bad that i couldn't help stacy out... but i read once in the scoop about someone who ordered beans and had to wait for the barista to finish the line before they would grind it. that's messed up. this woman was there first, and i -HAD- to finish helping her out before thinking about other people...
if there were another person on the floor, maybe things would have been different!

but as i was helping her, there was this fucking rude woman who had two ready-to-drink frappuccino bottles in her hand and was trying to hand them to me along with some cash. i told her that i could not ring her up at the moment because i was helping another customer.
i mean i was standing -RIGHT THERE- talking to the woman about her beans and making sure she'd be satisfied with them.
i am like mentally kicking that rudey in the face for that shit! UGH. who raised some of these people, gosh.

i was pretty much at witt's end. after being on register for that long, you just get sick and tired of stupid people...
but i have to remain legendary with this huge smile on my face.
its not anyone else's fault that i'm tired and the schedule sucks... =\
but man, i'm suprised that stacy and i didn't kill anyone today. heh.
i gave her 2 green apron cards for it.

ohhh. and i spoke with alison today, and she knows the guy from summit that i hate hate hate hate... hate!
she worked with him last summer and was not a fan.
and recognized that he smells too!
still hate that guy.
he put me in a bad mood.
and he was frickin singing alllll daaaaaay.
i was like. plz die kthx.
not that there is no singing at my store,
but he kind of sang like "yeah i can sing... go me" kind of way.
hate hate hate.
i was so irritated with this guy that i kind of 'snatched' a customers money from his hand. well, took it quickly. i felt sooo bad.
i don't remember if i already wrote about this. but i quickly apologized and bid him a good day.
i felt reallyyy badddd. but gosh.
when the line went away, patrick kind of whispered to me, "are you ok?"
i rolled my eyes in stupid-boy's direction and he understood, lol.

eeeep! if we make 2000 more per week we get our own ASM!
Maybe weee can keep our Mara!!!!!
Even though its unlikely.... But it'd be pretty awesome.
Now I'm gonna start selling everything to people.
Like our baristas.

and oh heck yes.
i start my shift training next week.
keys and codes for me!!!
i'll be able to unblock myself, which will come in handy.
considering i'm never out on time. gra!